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Nut Free Cakes (Australia)

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By Nic on Fri, 07-07-06, 01:36

I am posting to advise all PA sufferers of a cake brand that may be of interest. The brands are Mills and Wares and Balfours. Both brands make cake for Woolworths(M&W) and Coles(Balfours)with in there bakery departments in Australia.Both brands, which are owned by the same company(KH Foods)have a nut free policy in all there factories with no nuts used in any of there products or allowed within there processing facility. This informaton has been confirmed by the company but they arent willing to offer a 100% guarantee on this claim, due to liability, but stand by there nut free practises.They make a fantastic range for kids and adults from Muffin bars,Lamingtons to Bar Cakes that taste great to. This may be something for the aussies to try.

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By DT on Thu, 07-13-06, 03:32

Great Nic; and right back at you,,,,

I just had a conversation with Blackwood Lane [url="http://www.blackwoodlane.com/Decorations.htm"]www.blackwoodlane.com/Decorations.htm[/url] a Melbourne (Aust) based company importing, among other things, nut free 'Rainbow Choc Chip' sprinkles for cakes, ice cream etc form a Canadian manf.

They confirm these are nut (and peanut) and gluten free and that they visit the factory regularly and confirm good allergen control practices.

Best of all, my two kids (and me) lov'em; plus, all their non allergic friends love them too, on cup cakes etc.

You can get them at Coles and Safeways.

Sydney, Australia

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By RyansMum on Tue, 08-22-06, 22:35

Hi Nic and DT,
Greetings too from Sydney! It is good about the M&W company. The muffin bars are great for the school lunchbox. There is also the Dollar Brand cake decorations (100s and 1000s, multi-colour sprinkles etc etc). Sold through most supermarkets. The company, if my memory serves me, is Australian so a big plus there. Also, their packaging states no nuts are processed in their facilities. So I guess a double thumbs-up!!

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By Lumpy on Tue, 12-06-11, 11:35


The Dollar Sweet 100's and 1000's are great. I use them for my daughter who has multiple food allergies including peanut and treenut.

I also wanted to let people know about a great cake buisness that supplies allergy friendly novelty cakes and cupcakes including Peanut, Tree nut, dairy, egg and soy Free products. They do not use or store any nut products at their facility. All of their products are free from nuts, dairy, egg and soy. They also offer some gluten free products. They are based in Sydney. Check it out at www.beeallergyfriendly.com.au.

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