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nut-free bakery in Chicago area

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By abrosenberg on Wed, 10-18-06, 05:28

Is anyone aware of a nut-free bakery in the Chicago area? My son is allergic to both peanuts and tree nuts, and I would love to find a bakery where I can purchase a cake for his birthday party. Thanks!

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By amyd on Wed, 10-18-06, 19:46

Gosh that will be hard to find. We used to live in Chicago for a long time but I don't personally know of one... but here is a link to an allergy group in the Chicago area that will probably know if one exists.

Mothers of Children Having Allergies (MOCHA) Chicago
[email][email protected][/email]

If you come up short and need help with cake baking, I can try to help. I used to work as a pastry cook in a bakery and I still bake a ton. There are lots of fun decorating ideas out there for kid cakes that are simple too... Family Fun has some on their website that I liked.

I know that's not a great answer but hopefully it's a start. Good luck. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By JodiBeth on Wed, 10-18-06, 20:44

I live in the northwest suburbs and have not found a nut free bakery in Chicago. The closest I have found is Tag Bakery in Evanston. They are not nut free, but most careful from what I have heard. We opted to do Krispie Kreme donuts for my daughter's party (my son has the allergy). MOCHA is a good resource, but I am a member and asked them and they don't know of a nut free bakery. Good Luck.


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By Yonit on Thu, 10-19-06, 02:53

There are no nut-free bakeries that I know of (want to open one??) - but there are some that do not use peanuts. They are kosher bakeries on the north side and northwest suburbs. There is a vegan bakery in Evanston - Blind Faith - that is very sensitive to dealing with all kinds of allergies, but I'm not sure of what kinds of nuts they use.

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By nukegirl on Wed, 02-23-11, 23:11

It's not fully nut-free, but you might try the Bleeding Heart Bakery in Roscoe Village and Oak Park. I was in there with a Groupon the other day; they do not have peanut-free baked goods available just for walk-in purchases, but you can order them ahead of time, so birthday cakes would be on the list. I have not inquired further as to their practices regarding nuts and how/where they make their nut-free cakes, but it's worth looking into. I'm thinking of purchasing my son's birthday cake there. I'm a bit new to this whole peanut allergy thing, so I hope this helps. I don't really know what I'm doing yet...

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By Cicero on Mon, 05-02-11, 00:28

I recently ordered a cake from


They shipped a cake to both Florida and Chicago for us. It is guaranteed nut free (Both Peanut and Tree Nut), because the person that bakes the cakes (Valerie) Has both a peanut and tree nut allergy. The cakes are of amazing quality, and they can put whatever you want on it!

Very Highly recommend it!!! :)

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By HookwormIsHope on Tue, 05-10-11, 02:20

Good luck everyone. Anyone know of one in central California?

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By nonutz4uz on Thu, 12-01-11, 00:52

Hi All - First time posting :) I was looking around Chicago and came across Pied Piper Parties Pre-School. The owners were really kind. Sent me this letter when I was looking for cupcakes for my sons b-day. Hope this helps!

Pied Piper Parties & Playschool
2864 N. Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: (773) 472-8888

To Whom It May Concern:
Pied Piper Parties & Playschool is a completely nut free facility. We are not a bakery, however, we do provide baked goods for pick up with at least three days notice. We also can provide snacks and meals. We offer many different items, the following are the most popular:
Cupcakes-- $25 a dozen
Mini cupcakes-- $10 a dozen (minimum 4 dozen)
Cookies-- $25 a dozen
Bugs in a Cup-- $30 a dozen
Please call to request a menu with pizzas, sandwiches, and Hors D’OEVRES
Thank you so much!
Pied Piper Parties & Playschool
Janelle Rinehart Morgan and Stephanie Williams

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