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Not Recommended for children under 3

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By AnneK on Mon, 04-23-01, 17:24

Probably not feasible, but just a thought. . .

Much like toys that are a choking hazard, wouldn't it be nice to have "not recommended for children under 3" labels on peanut products (particularly p.b.).

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By California Mom on Mon, 04-23-01, 17:37

I LOVE that idea. Also, I'd love to add a warning for pregnant women and nursing mothers! Why do I get the feeling that the peanut growers of America wouldn't go for that?! Miriam

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By EILEEN on Mon, 04-23-01, 20:42

This is the National Peanut Association's position on possible role of pn in inducing allergy, which suggests they take this issues seriously.

Should peanuts be consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Studies are inconclusive about the effects of diet during pregnancy on the development of food allergies.
Research has shown the presence of minute quantities of proteins from peanuts, egg and other potential allergens in breast milk within a few hours of their being consumed. Several studies have suggested that in those families where there is a history of allergies, avoiding allergenic foods (milk, eggs and peanuts) while breastfeeding may prevent food allergy among infants.
If you have questions about food allergy and breastfeeding, consult your obstetrician and gynecologist or pediatrician.

Should peanuts be given to infants and children?
If an infant or child has other food allergies or has a family history of food or other allergies, doctors recommend withholding introduction of peanuts until after three years of age.

Maybe we should have a warning label for pregnant of nursing mothers as well as "not for the under threes"

The analogies with tabacco continue, but with 500,000 tabacco-related death in the US each year vs 125 food allergy deaths I'm not sure if it willfly but I love the idea.

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By PattyR on Mon, 04-23-01, 23:26

I think that would be a great idea and would love to see it. If people could be spared this terrible allergy it would be well worth it.

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By Cayley's Mom on Mon, 04-23-01, 23:32

Perhaps reading on a label "not recommended for under 3" would have convinced my DH not to give Cayley a taste of PB several months before her 3rd birthday. I knew she was high-risk for PA, because of her milk allergy, but he thought I was "over-reacting" (how many times have you heard that before!). I would love to see this type of labeling - anything to make someone think twice about playing Russian Roulette with PB. My DH now knows that when he gambled, Cayley lost. He's pretty guilty about it!

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By EILEEN on Mon, 04-23-01, 23:36

Rather than a "Product Warning" it could be a "Product Advisory."

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By jh5000 on Tue, 04-24-01, 17:04

AnneK -

I think that's a great idea!!! I see a Senate sub-committee hearing in your future as the bill goes on its way to becoming a law! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By AnneK on Tue, 04-24-01, 17:49

Cayley's Mom, I totally sympathize with your husband. I was the one to play russian roulette with p.b. and gave it to Emily long before she was old enough.

A gastroenterologist that we saw because of Emily's low weight suggested giving her more fattening foods including p.b. When I questioned p.b. for a 16.5 mos. old, he assured me she would be fine if there was no history of food allergies in my family.

Anything that gets the message across and makes people think twice about introducing pb at an early age!

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