Not easy to get drug ingredient listing!

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By jillsmom on Tue, 03-12-02, 20:54

I've never had reason before, but I tried to get ingredients on a drug today, and have had a VERY FRUSTRATING time!
I'm sure there's a reason... like maybe I want to somehow duplicate this drug...NOT!
My daughter seems to be having allergic reactions to Prevacid, I didn't assume it was the medicinal part of the drug, because I don't think it usually has the tendency to do so, so I tried to get an ingredient listing, I assumed it was one of her currently known allergens. The drug company, first told me they couldn,t give me the ingredients, but if I gave them her allergens, they would check it out and get back to me. I wasn't very happy with that, but turns out they couldn't even give me that info. The info can only be given out to a medical personnel(I'm an RN, but I knew that wouldn't count).
Then, I called my pharmacist, who was pretty vague with the ingredient list. I can't call my pediatrician today, because she only works M-W-F. I'll contact her tomorrow, so for now I have to vent here!!!!! SORRY!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions???




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By Heather2 on Tue, 03-12-02, 21:24

Who is the company that is giving you such a hard time? Gee, my son had a reaction to Pediazole 2 weeks ago and I got a completely different reaction from Ross/Abbott than you are getting. They have a woman whose job it is to track allergic reactions and she called me back with the ingredients and took down a lot of information about what happened. Turns out it is the sulfer that he is allergic to. I don't have any suggestions other than to tell this company that you're dealing with how other pharma. companies handle the situation.

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By jillsmom on Tue, 03-12-02, 22:23

Heather2: Thanks! That's REALLY INTERESTING!!
I too, was talking to Abbott! The Canadian 1-800 number though, since I'm in Canada. I wonder what the chances are, that it has the same ingredients as the US version? I'd be tempted to call a US number.



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By Heather2 on Wed, 03-13-02, 14:19

That is interesting. I've looked through my papers for contact information for you but I can't find it. I have a bad habbit of writing down information on little scraps of paper and then throwing them away. I'll keep looking for you, though.

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