Nilla Wafers

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By MommyMegan on Tue, 12-26-06, 00:27

I see so many yes's and no's on this subject so I just want to double check. I want to eat these and they have no warning.. YES OR NO? lol


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Allergic to Peanuts, Tree Nuts & Kiwi.

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By Going Nuts on Tue, 12-26-06, 02:14

We've been eating Nabisco's Nilla Wafers for years with no problems. [img][/img]


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By tidina on Tue, 12-26-06, 16:25

we eat two brands of nilla wafers?? maybe one is sunshine keebler and one kelloggs??

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By alliedhealth on Tue, 12-26-06, 16:42

We use Keeblers Golden Vanilla Wafers- they label for shared lines

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By PurpleCat on Tue, 12-26-06, 19:03

We trust Keebler's and have used their Nilla Wafers with no problems.


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DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg

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By momll70 on Wed, 12-27-06, 01:49

My son eats Nabisco Nilla Wafers all the time with no problems. I eat them sometimes too with no problems. We have had the regular ones and the bite size ones.

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