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News Report on eating out with Food Allergies

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By cristym on Tue, 05-13-08, 04:10


This clip saved us from spending Mothers Day in the ER.

We ate at Cracker Barrel Sunday AM and I had in the past asked about the Pancakes and if they were safe for my peanut and treenut allergic kids. We were told that they were safe by the waitress who said she spoke to the cook.

My MIL told us about this clip as we were getting ready to order so we asked for the manager. He explained to us that the pancakes, are nut and treenut free but they are cooked on the same griddle as the Pecan pancakes. We decided to order cold cereal, I am so relieved that we did. My husband ordered pancakes and right when he cut into it he found a piece of a Pecan.

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By MommyOfTwo on Tue, 05-13-08, 14:56

I couldn't get the video to load but I'm so glad you didn't let your kids have the pancakes! WOW!

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By poodles02 on Tue, 06-10-08, 01:20

Cristy, the same thing happened to us at Cracker Barrel. My husband cut into a stack of plain pancakes, and there was a great big pecan. What freaks me out is that we used to eat at Cracker Barrel quite often, and were always told that the plain pancakes were safe. This incident contributed greatly to our decision to quit eating out except for at WDW. It's just too scary.

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