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news article:school&peanut

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By Joanne on Wed, 03-24-99, 22:18

If you're interested in reading about peanut allergy and schools I found this link on another bulletin board:
(Hope I did this link thing right-this is the first time I've tried it)

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By Joanne on Wed, 03-24-99, 22:32

Sorry, but this link apparently stopped working in the fifteen minutes between the time I found it and the time I posted this message. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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By Lynda on Thu, 03-25-99, 05:30

JoAnne: I live in New Jersey and recieve the Star Ledger at home. I read the article and was very happy to see that this family was successful. I am also sad however to see how they had such a long hard fight. I sit and wonder how such intelligent people can be so ignorant. A child's life is at stake. I hope this article will raise the public's awareness. Thanks for the post! Lynda [img]http://client.ibboards.com/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By Patti on Thu, 03-25-99, 15:16

JoAnne I live in NJ and also read the article. I tried to post a link to it too, but I think the Star Ledger archives their articles and you need a password to enter them. It seems like they do this at least daily, because I couldn;t get the article the day after it was in the paper. Thanks for trying though. The article was very interesting and any news helps get our situation out in the open. So many people told me about this article before I had even seen it.

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By on Thu, 03-25-99, 15:23

Hi all,

Can you post the basics of what the article entailed?


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