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new research study at duke for infants

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By melissa on Thu, 09-28-06, 00:45

Hi all,
Rumor has it that Duke is starting a new research study for infants (under 12 mos) who have an egg allergy and/or eczema...I think they're tracking them to see who does and doesn't go on to develop peanut allergy. I don't know what all is involved but if you are interested or know someone who might be, let me know and I'll get you the contact info. Feel free to contact me off board as well if you choose.

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By melissa on Sun, 10-29-06, 23:36

Bumping as they still need more under 1 yr olds...there is no "peanut dosing" involved, just tracking those w/ diagnosed egg allergy or eczema to see who does and doesn't go on to develop PA.

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By April in KC on Wed, 11-08-06, 23:44

I'm interested in getting the info. Drew is 5 months old and has eczema. Do you have to live in NC?



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By melissa on Thu, 11-09-06, 01:34

I just emailed you the contact name and number. I don't think you have to be in NC but you may have to be w/in driving distance...but call to check b/c they may be able to work w/ your local doctor.
Good luck!

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