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New Owner - Can we release the \'dog & flashcard\' posts?

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By Cedar on Wed, 06-18-08, 22:58

It gets rather old to have to skip over these two particular topics, every single day for months on end:

Flashcards by beyondapeanut.com by Chris on 17/02/08 10:28 AM


K-9 Peanut Detector Dogs Now Available by Chris on 26/11/07 09:45 AM

These two items were placed on the top two spots of every single forum here, by the previous owner.

No one is permitted to reply to them.

They are pegged not to move down as other more current topics arise.

It artifically forces other active topics on page two of certain forums.

And is the information contained therein still current and 'valid'?, i.e. contacting Chris at the office....

Thank you.

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By Ethan Mom on Thu, 06-19-08, 17:49

I am curious - who is the new owner? Have not logged on in a while and am wondering who is taking over...

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By Greenlady on Mon, 06-23-08, 11:49

Here's a thread on the change in ownership:


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