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New Nut free candy store opening in our area!!!

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By Claire on Tue, 12-03-02, 19:40

Well my brother just called to inform me that a lady has opened up a nut free candy store less than 1/2 hour away from my home. If I find the store Chris will have a huge special Christmas this year. I have never purchased him a chocolate from candy store in 16 years do to the fear of cross contamination. When I find the place i will let you all know about it. I will also take pictures of him eating his first boxed chocolate. You may finally see a photo of my PA son. I have a fear of posting photos but this may be ok with my DH and myself. take care claire

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By Yonit on Wed, 12-04-02, 03:28

Where Claire!?

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By Claire on Wed, 12-04-02, 11:12

I don't know if any of you are familiar with Saratoga but it is up that way in Upstate NY. I am so excited about this. I am going to try and find it today. claire

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By Jenna's Mommy on Thu, 12-05-02, 01:24

Can you give the name of the store? I live right outside Albany and pass by Saratoga often. I would love to be able to buy some candy!!

- Sarah

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By Claire on Thu, 12-05-02, 11:23

I am going to call chamber of commerce today and find out where it is and call the store myself to check it out. I will get back to you ASAP. My brother wasn't home for me to call yesterday. maybe i will email him to see. claire

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By momofjen on Thu, 12-05-02, 18:01

Wow! Please let me know if this is true. We live in Clifton Park, just outside of Saratoga and that would be great news. Where do you live? I am still anxiously waiting the Krispy Kream that I "heard" was coming to Latham.
LMK!!!! Denise

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By Jenna's Mommy on Fri, 12-06-02, 01:10

A Krispy Kream in Latham? That would be wonderful. I live in Glenmont. Have you heard where they plan on building it?

- Sarah

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By momofjen on Sat, 12-07-02, 02:28

I have heard from several people that it Krispy Kream is going into Latham Farms. Wouldn't that be great? My dd is 5 and has never had a donut! Keep your fingers crossed!

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By Claire on Mon, 12-16-02, 11:14

Well I do know it is in Schylerville which is very near to me. I also have been told it is the same company from Vermont nut free. they have opened this store here. I am going to email Vermont candy for details. I was in schylerville 2 days ago but i couldn't find the store. We were passing through late at night so chances are it was going to be closed anyway. I will find this place. take care claire

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By momofjen on Wed, 12-18-02, 03:35

Keep me posted. That's only 15 minutes from us!

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By becca on Wed, 01-22-03, 21:22

Wow! Is this true. Any more info? I have a SIL in Albany and one right near Saratoga(used to live right in Saratoga, but just moved a town or two away)! I could have them get me a stash now and again! Becca

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By stephi13339 on Thu, 11-16-06, 13:20

Claire- any news on this business?

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