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New Food Allergy Website

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By Kristijo on Fri, 01-25-08, 16:39

I just joined this forum and realized that there is a place to put links. I started a website a few months ago that has info about the top 8 allergens including substitutions and recipes.

Take a look and let me know what you think!


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By abigailsmoma on Mon, 01-28-08, 03:47

Looks great and helpful! I need to add you to our resource page at [url="http://www.foodallergyfaith.org"]http://www.foodallergyfaith.org[/url]

Great Job!

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By Kristijo on Wed, 01-30-08, 17:39

Thanks for your kind words! That would be great to be added to your resource list - you have a great site, too. I will do the same when I finally get my resources page updated!

Thanks again,

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