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New Florida law allowing epipens in school clinics 2008

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By sunshine on Fri, 02-15-08, 09:58

Florida is introducing HB495/S1650 in this Spring 2008 session. This would allow epinephrine autoinjectors to be allowed in the schools clinics and administered on anyone having an anaphylactic emergency while at school. Recentlt there has been a 5 year study done by school nurses in Mass. In their conclusions they found that almost 25% of those who were given the epinephrine autoinjectors they did not even know they had allergies. Like CPR/AED and Heimlich..recognizing the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and how to use someones epipen....when seconds count could help save a life. Epipens should be mandatory to be in all of our Nations schools in case of this emergency.
Blair Ryan,RN,BSN
"Kelsey Ryan Act" named after my 8 year old dtr in 2005 allowing students the rights to keep their epipens withthem at school instead of being locked up in the schools clinics or front office

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By pfmom2 on Wed, 03-19-08, 15:19

This is great for Florida! And wow 25% didn't have any history, scary.

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