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Need a nut free bakery in CA

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By Joesmom on Mon, 10-11-04, 18:11

We are having a Baptism this month, and would love to have a nicer looking cake than I am able to produce. We live in Southern California (Mission Viejo). ANyone have any suggestions???



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By ks65 on Tue, 10-12-04, 03:32

hi! I live in So.Cal and use Costco cakes all the time for my PA daughter. I also trust the Albertson's in my area and a local Pavillions. Talk to Costco, I don't think there is any chance of peanut cross contamination with their cakes. Good luck!

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By Not Nuts on Sun, 04-10-05, 03:30

I live in No. California and my daughter had a reaction to some supposedly nut free cookies from Albertson's bakery. That was about 5 years ago. Also, I recently inquired about eating the dinner rolls at out local Costco bakery and was told not to touch them. My daughter has had them several times with no reaction, but I won't get them again.

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By toomanynuts on Sat, 06-04-05, 06:22

There use to be a little bakery inside of the Farm to Market - Market. That was nut free. They are in Dana Point or San Juan Capistrano? I don't know if they are still there or not. It was years ago.

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