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NC new peanut

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By SkyMom on Wed, 11-07-07, 23:51


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By pfmom2 on Fri, 11-09-07, 10:36

Anyone else not comfortable with this? How would we know when something is the "allergy free" peanut and when it's not? I doubt they'll get rid of the "real" thing. Now it would seem to make things more difficult at school, kwim? I would rather see a "cure" or maybe vaccine, although not big fan of too many vaccines, but if it helps the peanut allergies or all life-threatening allergies.

Anyone else not "feeling" this as the solution?

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By qdebbie1 on Fri, 11-09-07, 14:52

I look at this as greatly reducing the risk of cross contamination issues.

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