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Natural Flavors

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By Julia M on Mon, 03-15-99, 02:20

I've seen mention of a thorough posting on natural flavors, but I've checked the old and new boards and can't find it. I'm especially interested because I received the FAN publication, How to Read a Label on peanuts and didn't see natural flavors mentioned. Could someone please direct me to the natural flavors information? Thanks!

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By Jan on Wed, 03-31-99, 00:07

My son who has alot of other food allergies has been eating rice rings and its about the only snack besides rice cakes he can have but I just saw that they do have natural flavors. He has been doing fine with them but I don't if I should get them anymore. I tried to call the company and I am waiting to hear back. I am still very new at this so any input I would appreciate. He did have an airborne reaction once with peanuts but nothing has happened with these. Should I still avoud them?Thanks

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Wed, 04-14-99, 18:24


I just had a conversation with Angela at Kraft Foods. (who happens to be allergic to peanut oil and nuts)

She told me (in a very professional, read from the script way) that they would not tell me what their "natural flavor" was. She said it was proprietary information. They are told by the suppliers what is in what they receive. But basically Kraft will not tell it's customers. She went around and around stating how if peanut was an ingredient then they would list it on the label. However if it was part of the natural ingredients then they would not and they would suggest I do not use them for a peanut allergic person. It was a very frustrating conversation which left me thinking (again) the only way to have manufacturers tell us what is really in their products is if we make them by law. It is too bad many manufacturers will not do so on their own, but this brings home one of the reasons we need to be organized.

If you want to help make labeling better, let me know and join the team.

P.S. If you want to have an idea of what we are up against. Give Kraft a call at 1-800-431-1003. 8 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. On Saturday 9 am to 2 pm. Let them know why we need them to label better!!!

Put the responses on a Kraft thread on the Food Manufacturers (Safe and Unsafe) board.

Stay Safe,

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By on Wed, 04-14-99, 20:53

I can't figure out for the life of me what is the "big secret" of these manufacturers keeping us in the dark of what is in their food. They want us to buy it; tell us what's in it--we promise we won't steal their recipes--we just want to keep our children/adults safe who have the peanut allergy. This is ridiculous!

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By dhumphries on Thu, 04-15-99, 00:30

Hi Connie,

I agree - maybe they think other manufacturers are going to steal their recipe for their yummy products! Really, I believe its all a big CYA (e-mail me if you don't know this buzz phrase)) for them - this way they are protected against their providers selling them peanut contaminated products. They can say, "Well, it was in the natural flavors, so you should have known not to eat it". I'm with Chris, we really need to have an organized front here for mandatory labeling of ingredients. Any more ideas as to how to bring this to the forefront? I've already e-mailed my legislators, and didn't even get a response back from them!

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By Joanne on Thu, 04-15-99, 16:36

I've found it very frustrating dealing with food manufacturers who say that they can't disclose natural flavors, spices, etc. because they get they get them from 3rd party suppliers and that the information is proprietary. This is especially a problem if you are dealing with less common food allergies (mustard, in my case). There should be a way for a consumer with a food allergy to find out if the food contains the allergen. Companies should not be able to avoid disclosure by saying this is "proprietary" information. We have quite a long list of foods that we don't eat because of questionable labeling and information available about "natural flavors" and "spices"--if we could get accurate information we probably could eat some of these foods.

We do need to work for better labeling laws that protects the food allergic consumer, not leaves a lot of loopholes for manufacturers to place the burden on the consumer by saying "we recommend you don't eat it." While labeling has improved over the last few years, there are still too many opportunities for manufacturers to just put a "may contain peanuts" or a "natural flavors-proprietary information" on the label to avoid resolving the issue.

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By rscollo2 on Mon, 01-10-00, 16:56


I am trying to educate myself and others on reading labels and am very confused by the natural flavors, Oscar Myer told me it is the natural flavor of the hotdog (Question, If it is the natural flavor why list it). Almost everything I buy has this listed and I don't understand it. I know this has been requested many times, But I plead with the more experienced members to please take the time to write a list of questions we should be asking when calling the manufactures! Even though Im calling I don't think I am really accomplishing anything but confusion!!!! Thanking you all in advance

P.S. If anyone has the simple explanation on this natural flavor thing please let me know!!

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By BENSMOM on Sat, 06-17-00, 01:39

Someone at Kraft just told me that "natural flavors" would not contain peanuts--that peanut ingredients would have to be listed separately by law because of allergy concerns. Is this true?? I remember reading on FAN that natural flavors could mean peanuts, but then someone (on this thread I think) said that FAN didn't list natural flavors as a problem. What's the deal?

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