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Natural Flavoring

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By Mary on Tue, 05-18-99, 16:00

I just spoke to a physician at the FDA Center. He does see our needs to have natural flavorings listed on ingredient labels. He suggested I write:

Joseph Levitt, Director for Food and Safety and Applied Nutrition
FDA 200 C Street SW
Washinton DC 20204

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By Lidia on Mon, 06-07-99, 21:49

I think the mfrs should also have to specify exactly what "vegetable oil" they are using. Most listings say what they "may" be, but not always.

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By dhumphries on Tue, 06-08-99, 01:53

I guess I am a little confused. Do I now have to worry that vegetable oil may really be peanut oil? I have never worried about vegetable oil as an ingredient because a peanut is not a vegetable. Can you clarify this for me?

thanks and stay safe

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By Kathryn on Tue, 06-08-99, 14:43

Hi, I don't know where you live but in Canada oil labelled as vegetable oil cannot be peanut oil unless peanut is listed as an ingredient on the label. The Food and Drug Act regulations require that companies adhere to that labelling requirement.

Also, natural flavourings must include warnings about the inclusion of nut or peanut or other ingredients that may create allergic responses.

And, as of this spring non-medicinal ingredients in prescription and non-prescription drugs must be listed on the package.

It seems that in these areas, Canada is ahead of the U.S. in its labelling requirements. Good luck changing the U.S. laws.

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By dhumphries on Wed, 06-09-99, 01:43

Hi Katherine,

I am from the U.S., and I agree that even though are so close in proximity, we must be eons away in labeling issues. Any ideas as to to how the stricter labeling laws were accomplished in Canada?

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By Lidia on Wed, 06-09-99, 18:49

I hope I didn't start any unnecessary concerns with my mention of vegetable oil.
I was told my a representative at Tyson I should always check what oil was being used if it just stated "vegetable oil". Is she wrong?
I thought about it in regard to the hydrolysized Plant protein. But a "plant" isn't always a "vegetable". I am confused.i am going to popstthis question on the ingredient listings thread.

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By Kathryn on Wed, 06-09-99, 23:13

Hi, I don't know for sure but I will speculate that there was alot of interest created in these issues after a number of highly publicized deaths of children /teens occurred about five years ago. I know that the decision of the Canadian division of McDonalds to omit peanut and other nut products from their products was a result of publicity from that time. We also have a couple of M.P.s who made themselves knowledgeable and advocated for change at the federal government level.

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