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Natural and Artificial Flavoring

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By kmoths on Fri, 05-16-08, 02:34

Can Natural and Artificial flavoring contain peanuts?

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By mom2landz on Fri, 05-16-08, 06:46

i have no real information--hopefully someone here does.

i remember watching an Oprah show about food allergies and the expert label lady said it could.

i guess it's one of the "call the company" ingredients.

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By mom of L&C on Fri, 05-16-08, 22:02

I have heard that natural flavor can contain eggs. In fact something I picked up the other day said it had natural flavor and beside it in parentheses it said eggs. I guess the other person is correct, call the manufacturer. Better to be safe than sorry!

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By gw_mom3 on Sat, 05-17-08, 05:41

According to the new labeling law (not exactly "new" anymore) if there are any of the top 8 allergens in the product AT ALL including in hidden places like natural or artificial flavorings, it must be disclosed on the label.

That is a long sentence.

eta this applies only to foods. Beauty products can apparently put allergens in the fragrance and it's ok for them to not label for it.

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By barbfeick on Sun, 04-19-09, 18:07

Vaccines can contain a multitude of food protein from the adjuvant and the culture medium. This is a protected trade secret and does not appear on the package insert. I believe that vaccinations are the main cause of peanut allergies.

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