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Nathan\'s Hot Dogs??

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By Domenics Mom on Thu, 05-02-02, 21:40

Does anyone know if these hot dogs are safe? I tried getting in touch with them by e-mail and I never received a response from them.



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By SF on Fri, 05-03-02, 01:17

Sorry, I do not know but I just visited their website and emailed them, so I hope one of us hears from them soon.

Nathans Famous Hotdogs phone #
(516) 338-8500

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By CVB in CA on Wed, 08-18-04, 01:16

My child has complained that this brand of hot dog's "burns" his mouth and makes his tongue itch. I reviewed the ingredients vs. some other brands at the grocers. The only ingredient that seems to be a little different is "isolated soy protein".

He ate this at a friend's house- right after I assured them over the phone he had never had a problem with hot dogs...then complained again at my SIL's about them.

This is the only brand of hot dog he has ever complained about. He has eaten Ball Park, Oscar Meyer, various store brands, etc.

Anyone with PA eaten Nathan's recently? I am putting Nathan's anything on the unsafe for us list, but curious if anyone else has had a problem.

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By falcon on Sat, 08-21-04, 03:55

My son had Nathan's at a place off the Florida turnpike about 45 minutes south of Orlando, FL. This was the only time he has had it, but he loved it. He is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, a varety of other legumes (altho these are not thru experience, but thru RAST results), a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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By HellyRuMom on Mon, 07-09-12, 16:46

I've been having trouble finding information on them as well but, my husband gave my 2 year old daughter a Nathan's hotdog (left over from a 4th of July cookout) for lunch and she almost immediately broke out into hives starting under her arms and spreading to her back and belly. The only "new" food she had that day was the Nathan's hot dog. She has peanut, tree nut, and egg allergies. We were able to stop the reaction with benadryl thankfully. We will definitely be sticking to the organic hot dogs from now on...

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