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By kristene on Wed, 09-29-99, 15:07

Have any of you heard of, or had any experience with NAET. It is a treatment that is supposed to clear a person/child of food allergies.

There is a website at [url="http://www.naet.com"]http://www.naet.com[/url] that explains it. The treatment involves clearing energy fields or something like that. To say I am skeptical is an UNDERSTATEMENT, but some of the food allergy moms at Parents Place swears it has worked for their children.


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By MJ on Wed, 09-29-99, 16:54

see the thread on peanut allergy cure by TJ and PJ.

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By kristene on Wed, 09-29-99, 18:19

Thanks. Sorry I didn't see that, or else I never would have started another thread.


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By Lidia on Wed, 11-17-99, 16:29

I am interested in finding out some more info about NAET too. I found out that Pat tried it in my area. I would like to find out which Dr. she used. I can no longer find anything about it on this site. It seems the treads disappeared. Am I looking wrong? or was this done purposely...Chris???

Pat- if you are out there please e-mail me. Thanks. Lidia

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Wed, 11-17-99, 23:29

Here is a link to the other thread on this Main Discussion Board titled "peanut allergy cure" by the person who started the thread

Stay Safe,


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By Lidia on Sun, 11-21-99, 21:56


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