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Nabisco Mallomars

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By Going Nuts on Mon, 09-22-03, 01:03

Well, they were on sale at my local market so I went to stock up on my one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Good thing I checked the label, because what do you think it says? Why, none other than the dreaded, "Made on equipment... May contain..." [b]Arrggh![/b]

I can just imagine the tears that are going to result from this bit of news when I tell DS. Looks like it's time for another letter. The contact information for anyone who is interested is:

[url="http://www.nabiscoworld.com"]www.nabiscoworld.com[/url] (click on "contact us" then on product information and it will supply a form for comments), or;

1-800-323-0768, or;

Kraft Foods
Consumer Resource and Information Center
1 Kraft Court
Glenview, IL 60025

How much time do we spend on stuff like this?


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By AmyS on Fri, 09-26-03, 17:15

Amy, I just sent them an email. I've eaten them my entire life without a problem. I want to know if their processing has changed or if it just the label. I noticed the new packaging from a distance, but didn't take a closer look.


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By Going Nuts on Fri, 09-26-03, 21:57

I haven't received a response from them yet.

I made sure to break the news to Kevin in a public place in case he decided to "shoot the messenger". [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]


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By SF on Mon, 09-29-03, 00:26

Thanks for the heads up Amy, you are right we spend way too much time on this kind of stuff... Every time I contact Nabisco I get the same scripted response to read labels every time (which I always do) and that if there were any trace it would be stated in the ingredient statement... Blah Blah Blah...

Anyway, were these safe before? I tend to rely on Nabisco and their labeling, but have not purchased Mallomars.

I will contact them and hope to get a response... keep us up to date with your progress on this, wondering if they have changed the production on this product...


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By Going Nuts on Mon, 09-29-03, 19:47

Here's the less-than-illuminating response I received today:

Thanks for visiting our website!

Effective immediately, Mallomars cookies will be manufactured on equipment
that processes
peanut and tree nut products.

The following statement has been added to the label: "Allergy Information:
Manufactured in a
facility that also processes peanut and tree nut products. May contain
peanuts and tree nuts."

As always your best source for ingredient information is the ingredient line
on the product

When labeling products, we consider all possible sources of the following
allergens: eggs, fish,
shellfish, milk, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, sesame seeds and wheat. We
include these ingredients on
the label when present in out products, even when not required by

Please add our site to your bookmarks and visit us again soon!

Ref: 5549564Y

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By supermom on Mon, 09-29-03, 20:43

I saw that on the FAAN website under special alerts and indredient notices.I also saw something about oreo double delight coffee something and mint something now no longer bearing the ingredient peanut flour and that they no longer shared a line. At least that's a good change, although my store still has the ones that have peanut flour in them.


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By Going Nuts on Tue, 09-30-03, 12:19

OMG, Supermom, if that info about Oreo's is correct I'll run right out now! I think we'll swoon with happiness in this house if we can taste coffee and chocolate together in a cookie (Ok, I mean one that I don't bake!).


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By MommaBear on Tue, 09-30-03, 13:21

Quote:Originally posted by Going Nuts:
When labeling products, we consider all possible sources of the following
allergens: eggs, fish,
shellfish, milk, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, sesame seeds and wheat. We
include these ingredients on
the label when present in out products, even when not required by


(above quote from letter you received)

I have read several threads recently regarding the desire for "better labelling" from manufacturers. One of the threads in "Media" regarding some "25 percent" rule. (Still don't know how the rule applies if I see "Allergy Information" on a box??) Anyone?

I guess I can only thank companies for being honest with consumers. Even if a company is "erring on the side of caution". I completely understand that.

I also understand *I* may have questions regarding "manufactured in the same facility as 'X'" as opposed to "manufactured on the same equipment as 'X'". (For example) But *personally* both mean *my* child can't eat such. As does "May contain 'X'". (For example, as there are other warnings that may elicit the same response from me and my child) Wondering quietly if "Manufactured in the Same Facility as 'X'" also may encompases the warning :"Manufactured on the Same Equipment as 'X'"?

Wondering if increases in phone calls and letters to companies have heightened their awareness to "erring on the side of caution" when such conditions exist: "May Contain Traces of 'X'", "Manufactured on Shared Equipment", "Manufactured on the Same Equipment That Processes 'X'", "Manufactured in the Same Facility That Processes 'X'", and the like?

For example: Unless a company [i]specializes[/i] in manufacturing "Peanut/Nut Free" items, do I think they are going to offer (or reflect in their packaging) a 100% guarantee that certain items are, indeed, 100% "Peanut/Nut Free"?? Or, when indicated (could this be 99.9% ???) are they going to place a "disclaimer" of sorts??? Is the difference between 100% and 99.9% a "comfort level" with companies? Yea, even 99.99% and 100% as I vaguely remember advertizing for 99.99% "pure" something or another on a product. I could be wrong. Maybe it was 99.9%. [i]Significant Figures[/i] and all. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

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By debbiez on Thu, 09-23-04, 14:21

I jsut got off the phone with Nabisco. They informed me that they recently changed the Mallomar production site, and that these cookies are now produced in a nut-free plant.

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