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Myrtle Beach dilemma

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By softballspaz10 on Tue, 03-20-07, 23:51

I haven't posted in awhile because I'm too lazy to look up my password, lol. I'm getting desperate now and wanted to know if anyone has been to or lived in Myrtle Beach, SC. I'm going there in July and I'm figuring they use a lot of peanut oil there. I don't like any type of seafood so I'm safe there, but I don't know if fries and stuff would be cooked in it. Any advice? I'm taking plenty of epi's [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]
Oh and we're going grocery shopping there too, so I'll have food back at the hotel if I starve in the restaurants lol


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By Adele on Wed, 03-21-07, 00:24

Hi Laura,
Beware of boiled peanuts in S.C! Hyman's in downtown Charleston has a bowl of them on every table to munch on while you're waiting for your order.

There is a Sticky Fingers restaurant in Myrtle Beach.
I eat at a Sticky Fingers in Charleston every year - every night for a week, every year! ( but part of the reason the CHS Sticky Fingers is so allergy aware is because their former manager had PA)

The menu is primarily ribs, chicken, etc. I order the same thing every night - half a rack of Carolina Sweet Ribs, baked potato and green beans....and have never had a problem there. I am PA only. Steer clear of their desserts.

The website is: [url="http://www.stickyfingersonline.com."]www.stickyfingersonline.com.[/url] You can see a menu there and get the address and contact info for the Myrtle Beach location.

Also, IMO, peanut oil is more common in Southern restaurants than other parts of the country.

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By softballspaz10 on Wed, 03-21-07, 02:12

cool, thanks! the boiled peanuts won't be an issue, i tried a tiny bite years ago and yuck!

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By Adele on Wed, 03-21-07, 04:02

Don't assume that that the restaurant is safe. Make sure you check with the manager - the chef - the waiter, etc. etc!

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By Shuleran on Thu, 03-22-07, 12:37


We live outside Charleston, SC. We go to Myrtle Beach all of the time. My DD is contact allergic and we have to be very careful. We eat at all of the normal chain restaurants that we are comfortable with. Are you only dealing with PA or a seafood allergy too? Most places will fry the french fries and chicken nuggetts in the same oil as seafood because most places have seafood.

Medievil Times dinner theatre was safe the last time that we checked. We have eaten there twice a few years ago, but the cost is prohibitive for return visits. Stay away from Dixie Stampede dinner show. The food is safe, but they have a saloon show prior to the dinner show and they eat and throw roasted peanuts all over the floor. That was a nightmare situation! We have eaten at Broadway at the Beach. This is a huge themed shopping and entertainment destinations. They have numerous restaurants and most were very receptive when questioned about food allergies. We usually take our camper, so I do cook and do safe convienence foods too. We are going back for a week in two months. There is so much to do and lots of fun for all ages.

PS. Boiled peanuts are great but I haven't had any since my daughter's diagnosis 7 years ago. I miss them!!

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By Adele on Thu, 03-22-07, 14:18

Hi Shuleran,
I am in Charleston every year in February for 10 days.

Do you know of any safe restaurants in the area? I usually just eat at Sticky Fingers every night because I don't know of any other safe restaurant. Do you ever eat at Gilligans?


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By Shuleran on Thu, 03-22-07, 16:29


Hey. We eat out constantly. Once again, we stick to a lot chain, fast food type, restaurants that we are comfortable with. We eat at Zaxby's once or twice a week. It is a chicken place, you may know of it. We eat at Moe's Southwestern, Fisherman's Quarters, Yokoso Japanese Steakhouse, Ye Old Fashion Sandwich and Ice Cream Cafe. We do eat at Gilligan's fairly often. I do not allow my daughter to eat the hushpuppies, but she eats the fish and fries, ect.. We have found that most places are receptive-- but once again, I am not afraid to speak to the manager, the waitress, and whoever else will listen to me. If I am not comfortable we leave.

Stay away from Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse. Both are peanuts on the floor kind of places. Jason's Deli and McCallister's Deli serve PB&J for the kids and make all of the sandwiches on the same prep area. We don't go to those type places either. We do not eat ice cream at Marble Slab or Cold Stone Creamery, but we do eat it at Ye Old Fashion. They open a brand new "Superman" flavor tub and wash the scoop with soap and water before the use.

I know some people don't have a comfort zone that includes restaurants, but we go out to dinner most nights out of necessity. I have three children that all play on different sports teams. We are on the road six out of seven nights. We tried packing safe food in the cooler but it became to much of a challenge after a long day at work, a one hour comute and fifteen minutes at home to assemble all of the sports gear. I just didn't have time to pack the food too. I guess everyone does what works for them.

Let me know if I can help you with anything while you visit Charleston. We have a lot of food allergic people here, but no support groups that I know of.

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By Adele on Thu, 03-22-07, 17:22

Hi Shuleran,
Thanks so much! Next year's trip to CHS will be so much easier. I like ribs but they get a little boring by the fifth night. I'll print your email out and take it with me next Feb.

I'm in downtown Charleston during the day but usually stay at a hotel in N. Charleston where there are a lot of chain restaurants.

I had hush puppies at Gilligans for the first time this past February. I had been told on previous visits that they cooked in peanut oil, so I always ordered steamed & peel shrimp. But this year, the manager talked to me and said there was no peanut oil in the restaurant I ate the hush puppies with no consequences, but your DD is probably more sensitive than I am.

Good to know about Moe's Southwest Fisherman's Quarters too, as I love seafood.

I found out about the Texas Roadhouse when I was in Tulsa a few weeks ago. The place was packed with people standing around waiting to be seated. I couldn't see the floor but I could feel something crunching underfoot. My friend realized what it was and pushed me out the door.

Thanks again. I really appreciate your information!

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By Shuleran on Thu, 03-22-07, 18:16


Moes Grill and Fisherman's Quarters are two different restaurants. I also checked the oil in Gilligan's and it was 100% Soybean oil. I made the manager bring the bottle out for me to read!!! HA HA!! We don't do the hushpuppies because no one in the restaurant that day could tell me all of the ingrediants. They may be fine, but I could not verify so NO hushpuppies for us.
I forgot to mention the Cracker Barrel. They have been very accomodating on all but one visit and that was waitress related.

Good Luck. It is a beautiful city with lots to enjoy.

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By selketine on Wed, 03-28-07, 00:53

We were there last August and ate at two of the Broadway at the Beach restaurants (Senor Frog and a brew pub) - both were fine (DS is contact allergic to peanut). Also House of Blues has been fine for him - been there 2x at MB and once in Orlando.

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By Robertsmommy73 on Thu, 06-07-12, 22:13

We had good luck with Dagwoods deli in South Myrtle Beach too. The best thing is to call first! Be sure you express the severity of the allergy, as I had a young lady tell me she didn't think her restaurant fried in peanut oil. When we arrived there were peanuts all over the floor/ bar, I asked for this girl by name and she stated " I didn't check the floor for peanuts just the oil...you only asked me about the oil ". Some people just don't get it!,,

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