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My kid is going to be on Crazy Dave\'s Kid Show!

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By SpudBerry on Wed, 06-20-07, 02:20

Crazy Dave

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By SpudBerry on Fri, 06-22-07, 04:24

Bump - so hopefully some of you can listen to the show tomorrow morning!

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By KS mom on Fri, 06-22-07, 10:16

That is cute! He must be so excited! What a good memory he'll have when he looks back on this excitement.

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By SpudBerry on Sat, 06-23-07, 15:54

They talked to Ben, myself, and Mike for almost 20 minutes. And they did talk about the peanut allergy. It was pretty cute. I'll update with the link as soon as they put the episode out on iTunes.

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By SpudBerry on Mon, 06-25-07, 14:53

If you are interested in hearing how Ben would stop an invasion of Squid

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By patsmommy on Mon, 06-25-07, 15:05

LOL he is so cute he did great
he explained the peanut allergy great
awesome job

I was just a little confused about the thing dave said about lets give the squid your blood and feed it peanuts or lets give it your skin... however Ben handle that well..

lol now you are on the show

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