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My daughter broke out with hives/welts just on her elbows/knees

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By NicoleinNH on Thu, 07-13-06, 03:30


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By kkeene on Thu, 07-13-06, 03:36

my son has only developed a rash where the allergen has touched him. Seems strange that it is on the knees & elbows. no where else? but both legs & both arms???
could it be a virus reaction at all?

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By Corvallis Mom on Thu, 07-13-06, 04:21

It is still possible it is poison ivy-- the average response to it develops between 12 and 48 hours after exposure.

Only [i]very[/i] highly allergic people tend to rash up/swell up in the first few hours.

Does seem to be an odd location for it, though.

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By Sandra Y on Thu, 07-13-06, 04:57

Has your daughter had any immunizations lately, or new medicines?

My daughter reacted to an immunization--it started with hives and swelling of the joints and then it got worse.

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By jayD on Thu, 07-13-06, 05:16

My oldest daughter had a contact reaction to something when she was about 3- we thought it might be poison ivy. it started on her arms and spread onto her chest and legs over a few weeks. it was VERY stubborn to clear up- even the orapred for a week didn't touch it. she was on antihistimines and steroid creams for 3 months before it finally started clearing up. she had no other symptoms with it , and has no allergies, just has always had very senstitve skin and a tendency to get rashes and eczema from contact with irritating things. My skin is very sensitive too, and just about anything that iritates my skin turns into a patch of eczema that lasts for months. hope it clears up soon! Jen

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By starlight on Thu, 07-13-06, 15:10

Are you absolutely sure these are hives and not lumps from being bruised or large scrapes like rug burns? I was about 10 or so when these play centers started making an appearance, and my friends and I would be one big black and blue mark for days after playing there. And the biggest bumps and bruises would be on my arms and my knees from trying to get around those things. They're fun, but I always regretted it later.

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By Yonit on Fri, 07-14-06, 03:21

My non-PA daughter has reacted to two antibiotics with hives on elbows, knees, hip joint, neck, etc. Not an uncommom allergic reaction pattern, although my PA son's hives have always been more sporadic and not necessarily symmetrical.

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By NicoleinNH on Fri, 07-14-06, 13:27


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By Adele on Fri, 07-14-06, 14:26

My grandson gets hives from grass. His hives are the exact shapes of the blades of grass - really strange looking.

If your daughter was playing on grass, it seems logical that her elbows and knees would 'compress' the grass more than other parts of her body.

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By ajgauthier on Fri, 07-14-06, 20:18

just thinking outloud here...going off the grass suggestion...

maybe there were chemicals/fertilizer in the grass unbeknownst to you?


30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By TeddyAlly on Fri, 07-14-06, 20:45

hmmm, does your neighbor live close and have bird or squirrel feeders? I know a lot of bird seeds and squirrel foods contains peanuts and other nuts. If you have close enough neighbors (like we do...we share a huge tree and they feed birds and squirrels. I sometimes find the peanut shells in our yard at the base of the tree. My kids do not play in that area of the yard at all and I am about to talk to these new neighbors about it.) you could have shells and all in your grass as well.

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By NicoleinNH on Mon, 07-17-06, 23:41


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