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Mrs. Butterworth\'s syrup

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By sebastian on Wed, 05-25-05, 09:30

Called on it today!
I was told it was not safe and that they run it on the same lines as products containing peanuts/nuts.
It is made by Pinnacle foods.
Supposedly they are updating their labeling to reflect this by 2006.

I am guessing it is made by a new company because I remember buying this years ago and it being safe.


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By MQriley2 on Wed, 05-25-05, 11:16

Are you serious? We have been using this syrup for as long as I can remember. There are not many to chose from where I live. I thought they were safe..



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By tidina on Wed, 05-25-05, 11:27

yes i bought the waffles but never gave to my son becaues i could not get in touch with them and i dont know much about pinnacle. they want you to write them. had to find the number, couldnt get through. emailed them and NOTHING. i dont know if they make banana nut waffles?? we use kelloggs eggo syrup.

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By theresaa on Wed, 05-25-05, 15:13

Do you have the phone number so that i can also give them a call? theresa

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By LaurensMom on Wed, 05-25-05, 15:17

I know you didn't ask for this but throwing it out there for those who didn't know you can make your own very easily.

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
Maple flavoring (real or imitation) to taste.

After all sugar is dissolved, bring to rapid boil. Stores nicely in the fridge though the sugar can crystalize at the bottom when cold. Just warm in microwave and viola! 2 minutes to throw together and finished by the time you flip the last pancake!

We actually make all different kinds of syrup -

Banana: By replacing the maple with banana extract

Apple: Replacing the water with 100% apple juice

Strawberries/Blueberry: Replace maple with vanilla and add crushed/strained strawberries/blueberries

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By sebastian on Wed, 05-25-05, 22:47

Pinnacle foods phone number is 1-856-969-7100. If you call please post their response so we can compare.
I also noticed on the Lender's bagels I just bought it also says Pinnacle foods. I guess I better call on those too!


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By dgood on Thu, 05-26-05, 15:37

We started using Eggo syrup since it is made by Kellogg's and we trust their labeling.

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By tidina on Thu, 05-26-05, 16:37

just called, thanx for number. im so glad i was cautious and didnt give the waffles to my son. their products, including lenders bagels, can be contaminated with tree nuts. they will start labeling may contains in 2006. why do they even list contains which gives false sense of security when they dont label may contains. schwann does the same thing (freschetta pizza). i dont trust any schwann products either.

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By theresaa on Thu, 05-26-05, 18:33

Okay, i emailed them at [email][email protected][/email] and the reply was, Mrs.Buterworth's Syrup does not contain any Peanuts. this was from someone named Robin Diamond, Consumer Services Representative. I have sent a reply asking about cross contamination and being made on the same line as peanuts/nut products. Theresa

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By e-mom on Fri, 05-27-05, 01:22

We have used Mrs. Butterworth's syrup forever. Manufacturers are probably getting geared up to slap the "may contains" warning on their products just to cover their butts.

I will continue to use it regardless of what labelling it says. That's my comfort zone and I'm sticking with it [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

My rule of thumb: if we've been using it without any problems, we will continue to use it.

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By melissa on Fri, 05-27-05, 13:15

For Pete's Sake this is ridiculous! You get 10 different answers if you call 10 times!
I just called and was told the syrup has no chance of X contam w/ pn, tn, or egg. The bagels have no chance of xcontam w/pn or tn, but DO WITH EGG (which DS is allergic to) and will be labelled as such in January. He's been eating these forever! Do we stop, or just ignore this? I have a feeling the way companies are going to CYA after January is to put a "may contain" on everything; what will we do then?

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By theresaa on Fri, 05-27-05, 18:28

i just got a reply from pinnacle foods again.this was from a different comsumer responce representative named Darlene Peters. it says Mrs. Butterworth's syrup does not contain peanuts or nuts, nor is it run on shared lines. Theresa

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By sebastian on Sat, 05-28-05, 06:06

Ok this is really ridiculous! I am going to call again next week. Why are we not getting the same answer?
This has me really concerned. Shouldn't they be getting their story straight? This is really important!!
When I call I am going to mention that several different answers were given and see what they say.


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By tidina on Sun, 06-05-05, 03:16

heres reply i just got. wont be buying them.
Thank you for taking the time to email us. There is a chance of cross
contamination with nuts in our Lender's

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By melissa on Fri, 06-10-05, 19:11

After calling about the syrup and bagels before (see my above post) I emailed and here's the response...

Thank you for taking the time to email us. In response to your email, all of our Lender's Bagels are run on a shared line. There is always a chance of cross contamination with tree nuts and peanuts. We do NOT recommend using the product. Contact us again if we can be of assistance in the future.


Robin Diamond
Consumer Services Representative


Now this totally is different from what I was told on the phone (I posted this under bagels too)...Melissa

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