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Movie Theatre Popcorn

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By lrg23 on Thu, 01-18-07, 19:30

I am PA and was wondering if movie theatre popcorn was a safe snack.

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By NicoleinNH on Sat, 01-20-07, 16:33

I know one theater near us pops the corn in peanut oil. Some PA people are OK eating peanut oil, but we avoid anything with peanut, including the oil. We don't go to that movie theater because of the peanut oil. Out of 5 theaters I have asked, only one uses peanut oil.


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By sillyfeline on Wed, 04-11-07, 18:03

If you pop the corn in canola oil at home (in a regular pot), it's just as good, sometimes better because it's so fresh.

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By shayesmom on Sun, 04-15-07, 16:56

You have to call each theater individually (or go there) and ask exactly what oil is used for the popcorn and what topping is used if you want to indulge in that too. It is never safe to assume. Of the 3 theaters that we frequent, all have safe popcorn for PA/TNA (and dairy and egg) dd! She loves getting the little snack-pack for kids. It's about the only thing that she can have like a normal 7-yr-old, poor thing!

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