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Is it possible - the challenge and beyond

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By roy arieli on Tue, 12-07-10, 07:55

When we started out with peanut allergy ten years ago, my son roy was one of the first 10 children born in Israel to suffer from this condition. Apaert from to leading professors in this field, nobody really knew whta to do and how to do it.
At that time peanutallergy.com was one ot the main anchors in the turmoil of our catastrophie. o so we thought it to be.
My son was diagnosed with pa at 6 month of age after touching a locak snack containig peanut butter. As he was breast feede donly, it meant that his sensitivity stemms from peanut proteins through the brest milk.
At that time my wife was told to quit her job and stay with the boy until he understands what to do and what not.
I rememer we would go for a walk, akways one in front and one with the boy. We had endless fights with parents who would not understand, that it's not good enough not to bring peanut butter to kindergarden, they had to stop eating it in the morning before coming in.

The same in elementary school and everywhere we would go. We would ask people to take off their shoes before coming in the house and would leave a wedding of family if peanuts were on the table. we would have asked not to put any on the tables and in general we were a pain in the ... for anyone who wanted to invite us.
Bur one thing was clear to us at that time: No contact to peanuts is the only way. Thats what the doctors told us. Thats what we did. for 9 years. Two main ideas - no contact to peanuts under no circumstances and exposure to dirt. We took our son to a kindergarden in a Kibbutz, so he would play in the dirt and visit barns and touch animals. We would clean his room less than other rooms. We would not tell him to wash his hands (except when rally needed).
A year ago we went for the challenge after two prick tests were borderline. We sat in the hospital for half a day and saw our son swallow peanuts he was so afraid off for years.
Its over - we were lucky to be shown the right way and crazy enough to do it. It was worth it.
Anything we can help - pls let us know

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