Kinnikinnick is now GF and PN TN free

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By two4me on Wed, 12-09-09, 04:42

Yeah! I'm sure there are others looking for good Wheat/Gluten free items that are also nut free. In June Kinnikinnick stopped handling tree nuts (and never handled peanuts) so they are a good option and have lots of stuff.

Can't wait to dig into those almost Oreo cookies...yum...yum

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By BestAllergySites on Wed, 12-09-09, 18:16

Thanks two4me--you are right. They have decided to go nut free which is fantastic.

If you or others are looking for other companies that are specifically allergen free--feel free to take a look at my website. It serves as a food allergy company directory and allergy resource guide.

You'll find listings of all the best and safest brands for the allergy community. :)

Check out he allergen free foods tab: (you can also choose a tab based on your allergen)


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Disclaimer: I'm a food allergy advocate and mom of a food allergic child. I am NOT an allergist. My comments are based on my research and experiences. Please speak to your doctor regarding medical concerns.

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