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Elimination Diet

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By Teebst on Mon, 03-28-11, 16:55

Which makes more sense as an allergen elimination diet?

1. Eliminate all suspected food for 4 days, all allergens out of the system, then introduce food #1, note symptoms. Continue to eliminate all suspected foods for another 4 days, introduce food #2, note symptoms. Continue until all foods are tested.


2. Eliminate food #1 for 4 days, while eating the other suspected allergens, then introduce food #1. Then, switch food to be eliminated to food #2, while eating the other suspected foods, then introduce food #2. Continue until all foods are tested.

I'm thinking option 1 so that the reaction can be narrowed to a specific food. My current dr is having me do option 2, but what if multiple foods are causing the same reactions? Option 2 doesn't seem to be able to rule out other suspected allergens. I'm having a hard time getting my head around continuing to eat the other foods for which my rast test was positive and expecting a clear response once the food is reintroduced.

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By Leanne Hall on Tue, 10-23-12, 00:24

I agree with you that option #1 seems to make more sense, but I think you should try your doctor's suggestion first. Did you ask him/her about your concern?

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