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DOT considering peanuts on flights - please let our voice be heard

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By jordnoedder on Fri, 06-04-10, 00:26

The US Department of Transportation is considering peanut allergies in air travel:

This is a chance to make your voice heard! Comments may be submitted here:http://regulationroom.org/airline-passenger-rights/peanut-allergies/#register

I hope you all will submit something and cast a vote for peanuts being an issue when traveling so we hopefully can make some change with the airlines and make traveling safer for our kids. Please forward to all your friends with pea(nut) allergies.


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By LovingDad on Fri, 08-09-13, 04:46

I posted this same comment under the Airline Discussion Group:

I was on a flight last week that had two children with PN/TN allergies.

The attendant made an announcement to the passengers that two children had life threatening reactions to PN/TN and they were asked not to open any containers with PN/TN they may have brought on board.

Behind me was a lady (~70 year old) that made the statement "These are my nuts, I bought them for the flight, and I will eat my nut." I quickly turned to the lady and informed her—she has been warned—if she was to open her "container of nuts" and if any one of the children suffered an attack she could be charged with assault and GOD forbid, if one of the children suffered a fatal attack, she could be charged with a serious felony.

She then demanded from the attendant a replacement snack. The attendant was brilliant— she told the lady she would see what she could find that would satisfy her life-threatening need for a snack. I assume the attendant was a mom that may have a relative with a serious PN/TN condition.

People do not understand how serious of an issue PN/TN allergies are. Maybe it's because the condition is called an "ALLERGY" and they equate it to seasonal pollen allergies whereby medicine can alleviate or fix the symptoms.

Regulators and airlines need to use common sense and eliminate PN/TN from a confined space that is restricted in its ability to get a person to a hospital.

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By AmberC. on Wed, 10-23-13, 21:55

Excellent analysis above!!!!!!

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