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more labelling questions a little long

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By syrupg on Sun, 06-15-08, 19:40

I am currently going through our kitchen to find out if there's anything DS can't have. The doctor specifically told us that it is only peanuts he's allergic to, however I'm not willing to take any chances so I want to take away anything with nuts. My question is about soy. He's not allergic to soy, has a little soy milk every so often but I think I read that it's related to peanuts. At least that's what I read in my many pages of research I'm overwhelming myself with. Here are some ingredients I'm not sure of:

partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (soybean and/or cotton seed) then it says contains soy sesame and sunflower ingredients

hydrolyzed soy protein.

any kind of soybean.

Also what else am I looking for? So far I'm looking for peanut or peanut oil, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (which I think is misleading to some people who may not know that, I know I sure didn't know what it was till now) and any other kinds of nuts. Are there more things I should be looking for?

Editing for more questions. Ok so as I've read here before they don't have to label any may contains so we are supposed to call every company of every single food we want to buy (I mean I will if htat's what it takes but that's insane) also restaurants aren't regulated at all? Do a lot of restaurants use peanut oil or use peanuts (Can't think of that many items with nuts except desserts)

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By SkyMom on Sun, 06-15-08, 20:23

syrupg, I wouldn't worry about soy if he's not allergic to it. That would eliminate a lot of foods unnecessarily. While you can have an allergy to soy and/or other legumes having pa does not mean you have to avoid those unless there is a reaction or positive test result. My dd has soy/all seeds and legumes with no problems. If anything changes I will get her re-tested for those things but until proved otherwise she only avoids pn/tn.

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By Faith3 on Mon, 10-27-08, 17:49

I call so many companies about cross-contamination that it's ridiculous, but at least I get some peace of mind!! I always call the larger companies and if I like their responses, I stick with their products.

As far as restaurants, a lot are very dangerous. For example, Chik-Fil-A uses peanut oil in everything. Cheddars uses it in all but one or two dishes (and I'm assuming even the ones they don't use it in are probably contaminated). It's very difficult to eat out with a nut allergy. We found a couple we trust and stick with them and eat at home as much as possible.

I, also, would not eliminate soy unless your child tested allergic to although I have heard what you mentioned. Maybe you should talk to your allergist about that one. It worried me as well when I read it.

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By barbfeick on Sun, 04-19-09, 18:03

Next check your medicine cabinet. Throw out anything that may have oil in it.

Medicines are not food. Peanut oil is considered very safe and can be in medicine and the vaccinations that your doctor injects into your child. It is a trade secret and does not appear on the package insert.

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