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mold on peanuts

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By robin99 on Mon, 02-27-06, 01:41

I have been researching PA like crazy since my 4 year old had a minor reaction (itchy face)to peanuts and cashews (no other nuts). I have read that the same kind of mold is present in both. Do you think it is possible it is the mold?

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By momtotwokidz on Mon, 02-27-06, 01:45

When people are allergic to things i thought it was the protein in the food, or substance, never thought about mold, weird.

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By on Mon, 02-27-06, 02:12

One of my son's is allergic to mold, but he can eat peanuts and cashews and all nuts. Although, he wouldn't eat moldy ones.

Are you asking specifically about your child maybe is allergic to mold and not to peanuts? Or are you asking if we think peanut allergy is actually an allergy to mold on peanuts?

My personal opinion is, I am allergic to peanuts - not the mold. As for your child - has he been tested?

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By Daisy on Mon, 02-27-06, 03:14

Aflatoxin is present in some peanuts, in some amounts. (This is similar to the corn toxin in the contaminated dog food reported in the news recently.) [b]These toxins do not produce an allergic response.[/b] Aflatoxins produce jaundice and liver damage.

Some has also raised an old post on this topic.

Hope this helps,

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By robin99 on Mon, 02-27-06, 03:19

I haven't tested her yet. But her ped also said that it is possible it could be the mold. As far as others with PA, I know that the protein in peanuts causes that and that is something else. I was just wondering if allergy to this type of mold was common.

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By robin99 on Mon, 02-27-06, 03:25

I just read your article Daisy. That was very interesting.

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By Daisy on Mon, 02-27-06, 04:04

[b]Hi robin99[/b]
From my limited knowledge of mycology, I believe if someone was sensitized to the mold[i]Aspergillus[/i], they would react way more than to just peanuts! And people would have way more airborne peanut reactions if aflatoxin sensitivity were the cause, as molds are airborne. The reverse is usually the case.
As I have had an actual allergic reaction to a mold, I have seen many websites discussing the aflatoxin/peanut allergy theory. Most of these people are not *medical folk*, and are definitely not microbiologists. They mix information within the topic that does not connect. [i]Sounds good, but no tamale.[/i]
Hope your little one checks out ok. Ask for a referral to an allergist. If it is a PN/TN allergy, you need to know. They can test for molds, also. Molds usually cause more respiratory-type allergic reactions.
This is a great website! If the allergy is proven, you have come to the right place.
BTW, I am allergic to some mold, but not peanuts.

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By WoozerMom on Mon, 02-27-06, 06:25

I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and mold, mildew, dust, grass, trees, lots of other foods and environmentals.

I will never eat a moldy, mildewy, dusty peanut or tree nut which I find in the grass under a tree.

Oh, sorry. I just couldn't resist.

Seriously, if it were my child, I would avoid all mold and nuts.

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By TJuliebeth on Tue, 02-28-06, 02:13

Hi Robin...
I have heard there can be severe allergic reations to mold. And I remember seeing a news program about toxic mold causing resp. problems and neurological damage.
I had my daughter tested for on alot of allergens, including mold and pollen. It was the peanuts themselves.

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By Danielle on Tue, 02-28-06, 03:05

I know that in general peanuts are not good for you like they are promoted to be and one of the reasons is the high level of mold they contain. Numerous Dr's have told us this as well as many nutritionists.

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By AaronW on Mon, 12-27-10, 08:29

Right after locating the toxin aflatoxin, Kroger has recalled its animal food. 19 states are included in Kroger's animal food recall. If consumed, the recalled animal food could possibly be dangerous to pets. Liver failure and other major health effects could happen.

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By marty on Thu, 04-28-11, 03:01

For years I suffered needlessly with migraines. I finally found the trigger...Peanuts. Everyday I was off work I would end up in the ER with a insane headache. I finally correlated the two.. I ate PB&J on my days off. (I'm a cheapskate.) I met someone who swore I wasn't sensitive to the peanuts but the mold. They were so emphatic that I tested the theory. I'm very sensitive to the molds on peanuts. Proof: I can eat salted in the shell "fair" type peanuts. (They are boiled thus destroying any mold). Peanut butter, roasted peanuts, of any kind will send me crying to the ER. Other triggers for me are Cashews, Mushrooms (fresh - I can eat hot & sour soup/ due to boiling!) Ginger (fresh) I can have ginger dressing from a bottle. This was very difficult to pinpoint as the preparation of the same foods is the key. So that at first glance there was no correlation from foods to headaches. Any ground food that is not boiled will give me a terrible hours to days headache. Raw carrots got me last time. Good luck.. Hope this helps.

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