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Moes Southwest Grill is peanut-free

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By tsrich on Sat, 07-24-04, 16:49

Moe's is a rapidly growing very casual southwestern grill. They make everything fresh, eg wrap up your burrito to order in front of you. It's become one of our faves.

Our son was recently diagnosed w/ peanut allergies, so we've been checking out the restaurants we frequent.

Moes HQ and the local manager both said they don't have any nuts in the restaurant.


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By tsrich on Sat, 07-24-04, 16:52

Oops, can you tell I'm new.

This post should have gone in the restaurants forum.


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By MimiM on Sun, 07-25-04, 02:18

Where are they located? Is there more than one location? Website?

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By tsrich on Sun, 07-25-04, 17:41

The website is [url="http://www.moes.com,"]www.moes.com,[/url] and they list their locations there by state.

They started in GA, I believe, and have a strong SE presence, but looking at their list, it seems they've grown into a lot of national markets.

They're similar to Salsa Fresh, or Qudoba.


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By Heather2 on Mon, 08-30-04, 16:46

Hey, we're getting 6 in the Boston area! Do you know if they are committed to remaining peanut free? I'd hate for them to end up like other places that were once peanut/tree nut free, like Pizzaria Uno's, only to add goopy peanut butter desserts to their menu.

Try this link: [url="http://www.moes.com/"]http://www.moes.com/[/url]

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By pgrubbs on Mon, 08-30-04, 18:04

We had a Baja Fresh in our area that closed, and we have not had mexican since. I with we had a choice! We have a few Qdoba's but they have not returned my calls or emails. Does anyone know about Qdoba? I wish we had a Moes!

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By pgrubbs on Tue, 08-31-04, 18:09

I was driving to a drugstore today and noticed a new restaurant in our area- Moe's! Wow! I am so excited!

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By KatiesMom on Mon, 04-25-05, 17:40

We just got two outside of Albany, NY. They're the best. So far they are peanut free. The food is terrific. I always get the I Said Posse, it's a veggie quesidela.


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