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MN Twins--NUT FREE baseball games!!!

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By Corvallis Mom on Fri, 04-27-07, 18:49

Man, I kinda wish we still lived in the Mankato area, now!!! LOL


Twins offer 'no peanuts' dates
Last update: April 27, 2007

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By NicoleinNH on Sun, 04-29-07, 04:23

I was hoping one of their peanut-free games was going to be against the Red Sox. DD would be so excited to attend---we definitely would have flown out for it!!!


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By notnutty on Sun, 04-29-07, 23:51

Updated link:


With the tickets being $29.00 per seat...little pricey! Great idea. We live in Minnesota and it would be awesome to take my DS. I will have to mull over the price a little. Thanks for posting.

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By 2BusyBoys on Mon, 04-30-07, 00:58

Another (cheaper) option...

The St. Paul Saints are offering a food-free section on July 18th.
The Saints are playing the Sioux City Explorers at 7:05 p.m. Tickets are $9 youth and $10 adult.

The tickets have been arranged by Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota. The website is [url="http://foodallergysupportmn.org/"]http://foodallergysupportmn.org/[/url]

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By 2BusyBoys on Wed, 06-20-07, 11:46


The Minnesota Twins still have seats available in the exclusive
peanut-free skybox for next week's game!

The Skybox is located in the lower
level of right field.

Other teams in the league are watching to see if the Twins peanut-free
skybox will sell out before considering offering similar accommodations
to their peanut allergic fans. So help start a national trend: come
on out to the ballgame!

Tickets are $29 and may be purchased at
[url="https://secure.mlb.com/min/ticketing/peanut_form.jsp"]https://secure.mlb.com/min/ticketing/peanut_form.jsp[/url] or by calling
612-33-TWINS or 800-33-TWINS and referencing the "peanut free zone".

Seating at next week's game is limited to 60 more fans.

The peanut-free skybox dates are:

Wednesday, June 27 vs. Toronto Blue Jays - 7:10 p.m. CT
Tuesday, July 31 vs. Kansas City Royals - 7:10 p.m. CT
Monday, August 20 vs. Seattle Mariners - 7:10 p.m. CT
Monday, September 17 vs. Texas Rangers - 7:10 p.m. CT

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By perpetually perplexed on Wed, 06-20-07, 22:10

$29.00 a ticket is not pricey. Especially when you get to see a MAJOR league game peanut free.

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By Hrg2 on Sun, 04-03-11, 03:52

That's great but to take advantage of it I would have to watch a twins game and doing that would trigger a different sort of reaction that an eppipen just can't help.

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