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Minute Maid Heart Wise Orange Juice

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By kathyL on Mon, 06-19-06, 01:44

Hi, Everyone,
I thought I would pass this on. Minute Maid Heart Wise Orange Juice contains "Plant Sterols" which it states on its label "are derived from highly refined vegetable oils such as soybean or peanut". I'm in a habit of reading every label before I buy any product for my family, but I must admit, I was surprised to find the possibility of peanuts in orange juice! Take care, and be safe.
Kathy L

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By Jen224 on Mon, 06-19-06, 16:11

UGH! Any chance you know if all Minute Maid orange juices contain this?? Did they label for peanut, or did you just see it on the ingredients?

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By SallyL on Mon, 06-19-06, 19:20

I would NEVER have thought about OJ! Wow. Thanks for the heads up!

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By jtolpin on Mon, 06-19-06, 19:59

We've discussed this in the past... A WHILE ago.

Thats the ONLY OJ that has that labeling IIRC... Most people find Tropicana Pure premium fine and dandy [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


[b]* Obsessed * [/b]

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By kandomom on Mon, 06-19-06, 22:47

This is the email I got from them 6-30-05. My question regarding whether other Minute Maid orange juices were produced in the same line was not answered.

Thank you for contacting Minute Maid. We appreciate your interest in Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise.

Be assured that our plants have policies and procedures in place to identify known allergens and takes the steps necessary to eliminate all risks associated with the cross contamination of allergen and non-allergen containing products.

You may be interested to know that plant sterols used in Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise are derived from highly refined vegetable oils including soybean, rapeseed/canola, sunflower, cottonseed, corn and peanut. However, these highly refined soybean and peanut oils, which are two sources of plant sterols, are not considered allergenic foods. Highly refined oils do not contain protein residues at levels that are hazardous to allergic consumers.

We have had experts in the area of food allergy review the process used to produce plant sterols. These experts have determined that there is no risk to allergic consumers.

Plant sterols are naturally found in vegetables, nuts, fruits and grains. The vegetable oil is extracted or pressed from seeds by using mechanical devices. The oil is then refined through neutralizing, bleaching and deodorizing steps. The deodorization step is done under high temperatures and reduced pressure. This final step produces the plant sterols.

We hope this information is helpful. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Industry and Consumer Affairs
The Coca-Cola Company

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By kathyL on Tue, 06-20-06, 03:22

I wanted to answer Jen224 who asked if Minute Maid labeled for peanut or just had it in the ingredients. It wasn't labeled as an allergy warning, but after the ingredients, in a separate line, it explained that the plant sterols were vegetable oils such as soy or peanut. I'm sorry to repeat what apparently was already reported last year. I didn't do the search first (hadn't done it before). Thanks, everyone, for your responses. Take care,
Kathy L

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By jmarcustry on Thu, 06-22-06, 02:32

wow this is really interesting, because before my dd had her first reaction ever(that we were really aware of)she had oj and had really bad gastric problems soon after drinking it.. i mean so bad she cleared the house with the "oder alone" cant tell you how many diapers i had gone thru. so we avoided oj all together thinking she was allergic to it. not knowing gastric symptoms were a reaction also. then two years after that she was diagnosed p/a. hasnt had oj since. now it all makes sense to me now.wow.

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By Greenlady on Thu, 06-22-06, 20:59

Unfortunately, highly refined oil is also exempt from labeling requirements under FALCPA, because it is believed that there is not enough protein to cause a reaction. I personally don't think that is true for all allergic people.

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By erik on Wed, 06-28-06, 03:44

I will continue to drink Tropicana Pure Premium [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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