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By Nona Narvaez on Fri, 02-15-02, 06:15

MINNESOTANS-We are trying to get a bill passed in Minnesota that would require all ambulances in the state to carry epinephrine (only half do now). The Health and Human Services Committee chair of the House of Representatives is reluctant to give the bill a hearing (he is opposed to mandates). Please call and ask him to hear H.F. 3385. His name is Fran Bradley (from Rochester, MN) and his number is (651) 296-9249.

If the bill doesn't receive a hearing next week, then it dies this session and we have to wait a year to propose another one.

For more information about the bill (HF 3385), finding who your legislators are, the committee, or anything about the legislature, check their website at [url="http://www.leg.state.mn.us"]http://www.leg.state.mn.us[/url]

Nona Narvaez

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