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Milk free Ice Cream/Sorbet

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By Pebbles Mommy on Thu, 08-09-07, 03:36

After reading many of the posts here about ice cream, I purchased an ice cream maker so that I could enjoy something cold on a hot day. I have now successfully come up with several sorbet types desserts and thought that I would share with everyone.

I start off with simple syrup. (this is a double batch... you can cut it in half if you wish)I mix 4 cups water with 4 cups sugar in a sauce pan, over high heat until the mixture comes together, and the sugar is mostly disolved. I continually stir until the sugar/water comes just to a boil, then I lower the heat and continue cooking without stirring for another 3 to 4 minutes. Next, I remove the pan from the heat and let the syrup cool down to almost room temperature.

Next I juice some lemons, limes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, or oranges. (I need a total of 2 cups of juice). I also zest my citrus.

Then I combine about 24 ounces (1/2 a batch) of simple syrup with 1 cup of lemon juice, and 1 cup of another fruit that has been juiced, and several heaping Tablespoons of zest (I usually use 1/2 of the zest from lemons and the other 1/2 from the other citrus that I used). I usually put everything into a plastic tupperware type juice bottle and store it in the fridge until everything is good and cold. Once it is cold, I pour the mixture into my ice cream maker and let it run for 30 minutes.

These are the flavors that I have made...

Lemon, Lime
Lemon, Raspberry
Lemon, Strawberry
Lemon, Cherry
Lime, Cherry
Orange, Lemon
Orange, Lime
Orange, Lime, Lemon, Strawberry
Lemon, Lime, Raspberry
Lemon, Lime, Strawberry

When I use strawberry, or raspberry, I run a good sized handful through my blender or food processor, and then add that puree to my mixture about the last ten minutes in the machine. (If you hate seeds, strain the fruit, I have and it tastes just as good).

When I have time, I make up several batches, and then leave them in my fridge so when I want 'ice cream' all the work is done, and all I have to do is to pour the mixture in the ice cream maker and in no time I have a sweet treat.
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By momll70 on Thu, 08-09-07, 13:36

Thank you for this recipe.

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By Sarahb on Thu, 08-09-07, 15:39

WoW thanks. I am going to do this! How do you juice cherries? How many lemons should I buy? I have a flat of strawberries already just waiting for something.

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By Pebbles Mommy on Sat, 08-11-07, 04:05

Depending on the size fo your lemons, it usually takes me about 4 or 5 to get a cup of juice.

To juice Cherries, I cut them in half, and pick out the seed (if you have a cherry seeder then you can just use that). Next I throw them in either my blender or food processor and in just a few moments of blending I have juice. In order to get the maximum amount of juice, I pour the blended mixture into a strainer, and let the juice run out for ten minutes or until all of the juice comes out.

This also works great in eliminating some of the seeds from berries. Plus by straining the fruit, I now have pulp to add to my icecream mixtures.

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By Sarahb on Mon, 08-20-07, 17:43

I made the lemon stawberry....it was very very good!

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By Sarahb on Tue, 09-04-07, 04:13

Tonight (yes I realize that I am talking to myself here) I made orange, pomegranite with a little lemon and it was FABULOUS!

3 cups simple syrup
1.5 cup fresh squeezed oj
1.5 cup pomegranite juice
juice and zest of one lemon

let it sit together for an hour or so in the fridge and then process in ice cream machine! Wow was this good.

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