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milk and egg allergies

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By Markus' mom on Fri, 11-17-00, 15:05

This might not be the best place for this thread, but I have a question....for those of you that have children with milk and egg allergies, do they still have the allergies, and if they don't, what age did they outgrow them? My son is 2 1/2 and I'm waiting for the day that I can finally say that his only allergy is peanuts! His allergist told be he would probably outgrow those 2 allergies by now, but he hasn't. Any hope for him? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By Cayley's Mom on Fri, 11-17-00, 15:33

Cayley outgrew her milk allergy at around 2 1/2 years of age. It was a severe allergy - the 2nd time she had milk formula she went into anaphylactic shock (7 weeks old).

We kept her off milk 'til after 1 yr., then on the dr's advice, gave her a tsp. every 3 months to see if she would tolerate it. She broke out in hives every time (but no other anaphylactic episodes) until she was 2 1/2, then suddenly she was fine with it.

Milk still showed up as a 1 (4 being the highest) on her skin test, at 3 yrs. of age, but she tolerates it with no problem. Have you had your son skin tested for milk and eggs, or do you just know he is allergic by his reactions?

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By Janet Laflamme on Fri, 11-17-00, 17:28

My son outgrew the milk allergy at 4yrs. and the egg by the age of 6. He may have outgrown the egg sooner but we didn't know based on a positive skin test. Our second allergist (got tired of the first one's ignorance) ran a cap rast blood test on the foods he skin tested positive on. My son's numbers were low enough in the egg category to do an oral challenge which he passed. He's been eating eggs for a year now without any problems. Good luck.

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By Cayley's Mom on Fri, 11-17-00, 18:57

I just read another of your posts, Markus' Mom, and answered my own question! You said he tested 4+ to milk, eggs and peanut. Definitely don't do the oral challenge with the milk, like my doctor suggested to me (see above post). The first few times we challenged Cayley with milk, we were in the doctor's office, which I neglected to mention in my post.

Also, are there adults with severe milk and egg allergies? Everyone seems to outgrow these 2 allergies - just wondering...

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By kristene on Fri, 11-17-00, 19:47

Eli is 3.5 and his milk and egg allergy are still quite severe. I've always heard the age of three as the norm for which the milk allergy is outgrown, but no such luck for us.

And as to adults with severe milk/egg allergies, the answer is yes. My son's allergist has an anaphylactic allergy to eggs and ended up in ICU a few years ago from some lasagne, served at a hospital staff meeting!

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By Markus' mom on Fri, 11-17-00, 20:26

Thanks for the info! His allergist told us in January to introduce milk and egg just a little at a time, once every 3 weeks, until we went back in July. During that time, we were also going through testing for reflux, so it made it difficult for us to determine what exactly made him vomit, but we decided to not give him eggs or milk around March or April. We went back to the allergist in July and he still scored a 4+ on both. The allergist then told us to not introduce those foods to him until after he comes back for testing next July. I guess his reaction was so "high" that they don't want him tested without the dr. present? I'm anxious for these allergies to go away!

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By on Sat, 11-18-00, 05:36

My son is not allergic to milk or eggs but my best friends daughter was anaphylactic to milk. She would experience anaphylactic shock if she just touched a dairy product or if her parents kissed her after they ate something several hours before. She just turned six and has finally outgrown her milk allergy. Her parents are so excited but it was a very long six years.

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By Joanne on Sat, 11-18-00, 13:39

My 7 year old son still has his egg allergy. His annual skin test seems to be getting larger even though he has completely avoided eggs for the last 6 years. His CAP RAST score was pretty high too--I can't remember the number but it was at the level where 90% of the people food challenged would react--so of course we didn't pursue a food challenge. I think his odds of outgrowing it now are quite slim. He is also allergic to mustard seed--and from what I understand, seed allergies are like nut/peanut allergies and tend to be lifelong. I've only heard of one other person with a mustard allergy, but when I asked Dr. Hugh Sampson about it at a FAN Conference, he said he did have patients with that allergy. As you can imagine, condiments are quite a challenge as he can't use mayonnaise or mustard, and most of the egg-less soy-based mayo's have mustard seed in them. We're thankful he likes ketchup!

Again, I'm really glad to have this forum to share all of this. I have a great family and supportive friends and school--but no one else quite "gets it" like you all do!

Good luck to all of you dealing with multiple food allergies.

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By Scooby on Tue, 11-21-00, 19:48

Did your son score a 4 on the RAST or skin test? My 3 year old son has the same allergies and we think he may have outgrown the milk allergy. The ped allergist still wants to do another RAST before challenging him, as he has had conflicting scores on RAST and skin tests in the past. From what I understand, the RAST results are more apt to show that the allergy has been outgrown if the level is low. I think its a good idea that you are not challenging your child at home!

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By Markus' mom on Tue, 11-21-00, 21:40

Scooby, He recieved a 4 on the skin test, I think. Is that where they put the allergen on a "needle board" and press it onto their back, and wait to see if hives appear? That's what he had done. I'm sure I could find it somewhere else, but what exactly is a RAST test? Should I be requesting it? I don't think it's really necessary right now, because I know he's still allergic to milk, but should I in the future?
Last night, my 8 month old daughter was drinking her formula from her bottle when my son came over to give her a kiss on the cheek. His cheek just touched the nipple, and I told him to be careful, to not put it in his mouth. He immediately got up. A few minutes later, his eyes were red and swollen and he had hives all around his mouth and the cheek that was closest to the bottle. It amazes me how allergic he really is!

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By mouse on Thu, 11-23-00, 06:11

My child was allergic to eggs, milk, and soy. He underwent an oral challenge (at a hospital) when he was 2 years old for the milk allergy. He didn't pass. Then at 4 years of age, it was redone. Still he didn't pass. We did the egg and soy when he was 4, as well, and he had outgrown these. Finally, we redid the milk challenge a year later (at age 5) and he passed! Note: he still has the peanut allergy. Don't give up hope on the milk and egg.

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By on Sat, 12-02-00, 13:04

My son was allergic to soy, eggs, milk and peanuts. He outgrew the milk and soy allergy at the age of 2; eggs he just outgrew at age 6 (we still need to do the egg challenge in the Allergist's office) and of course we still have the peanut allergy. (He's off the charts for that one) [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

Keep your chin up!

Stay Safe.

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By ajbmommy on Tue, 12-19-00, 17:56

wow how exciting to hear real stories of kids growing out of these allergies. My son is severe milk and egg and peanut. I keep crossing my fingers that when he is tested again at age 5 he will have outgrown the milk and egg. Thanks for sharing and keeping my hopes up!

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By ihatepeanuts on Fri, 12-22-00, 04:49

My son is 5

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