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Milk Allergy - How Do You Get Your Calcium?

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By PeanutTrace on Thu, 05-03-01, 02:00

My daughter is allergic to Peanuts, Milk and Eggs. Up until the time she was 4 years old she was also allergic to rice, soy and goat's milk. We have always used liquid calcium in her apple juice to substitute the calcium. ...and of course the other vegetables and beans etc... that all have calcium have been good too because she loves food! The only one year old I knew who loved her brocolli and brussel sprouts! lol

I've been wanting to try to start using the calcium tablets instead of the liquid clacium. Do any of you Canadian milk allergic's use the tablets and if so what brand?

I was in the pharmacy today and was looking at calcium carbonate and in brackets after the calcium carbonate it said the source of the calcium was from oyster shells. Yikes! ...we've been trying to avoid seafood, ...don't know if the oyster shells rate as seafood or not but sounds a bit too close for comfort for me!

Do you use a calcium supplement or are most of you drinking other milks, ie. soy, rice etc...

Second question for you, Is there anyone out there using Whytes Darifree milk? -made out of potatoes? I've also been looking at trying this product. [url="http://www.darifree.com"]www.darifree.com[/url] I believe. ...but have been terrified of trying anything white and creamy looking!


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By SF on Thu, 05-03-01, 02:51

How about trying the oranje juice with added calcium. Many of the companies are adding calcium to orange juice, just look at the carton. maybe this will work for you...

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By Cayley's Mom on Thu, 05-03-01, 03:20

PeanutTrace - I have an excellent Canadian cookbook called "Bone Vivant" which includes many calcium-enhanced recipes and was put out in co-operation with The Osteoporosis Society of Canada. The author is Jan Main and the ISBN # is 0-7715-7455-X. You can probably find a copy of it at your local library.

Needless to say, a lot of the recipes contain milk, but you can easily substitute calcium-enriched soy milk for regular milk. It lists the many different foods which contain calcium and their values. For example:

Dried figs (1/2 cup) = 120 mg
Soy Flour (1 cup) = 240 mg
Blackstrap molasses (2 tbsp) = 280 mg

If your daughter is OK with legumes, you can substitute canned soybeans for kidney beans in chili and add a lot more calcium (kidney beans have 55 mg per cup, while soybeans have 175 mg per cup).

I don't have any info. on the calcium supplements for you, but I really recommend this cookbook. Check it out before you buy it, though, to make sure it will be useful (I'm thinking of the baked goods in it which call for eggs). The recipes are very delicious and each one contains a breakdown of the nutritional value, including, of course, calcium.

Also, and I'm sure you know this, always look for soy milk that is calcium-enriched. The amount of calcium added probably varies with the brand, but a non-enriched soy beverage only contains 10 mg per cup, compared to regular milk at 300 mg. Good luck!

P.S. Cayley's favourite vegetable of all is broccoli - go figure!

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By Triciasmom on Thu, 05-03-01, 04:44

Patricia still nurses, so I haven't decided what I will do when she weans. But I also don't drink milk. I do drink calcium-fortified orange juice and enriched soy milk. I take a prenatal vitamin that has some calcium in it, but I have to be careful because I am prone to kidney stones.

Broccoli, black strap molasses, bok choy are all good sources of calcium. And somewhere I think I read that the calcium in vegetables is more absorbable than that in cow's milk.

Also, how allergic to milk is your daughter? Patricia just gets mild eczema, and the allergist allows her to have aged cheeses such as cheddar and swiss.


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By PeanutTrace on Thu, 05-03-01, 13:37

Triciasmom, my daughters anaphylactic reactions have been to cows and goat's milk, so she is very severe and reacts to trace amounts of milk in products, even baked into products, so the cheese is definitely out!

SF, I've been a bit frightened to use the calcium fortified orange juice because the calcium they use is called, calcium lactate. I know other milk allergics who have had problems with this form of calcium and have reacted to the fortified orange juice. At least three people who have reported having problems with it. The problem is most milk allergics tolerate other forms of milk, ie. rice or soy etc... and I just can't seem to try them because of horrible previous reactions to rice and soy.

Cayley's mom, thanks for the recommendation on the cookbook, I will most definitely check it out. I don't find cookbooks all that helpful generally because they always call for milk and eggs. The eggs are fairly easy to deal with, I can substitute with egg replacer, but I have nothing to substitute the milk with. I still have not tried soy milk with her. She had very bad reactions to it when she was little, and is now showing that she is not allergic to it, so I guess I should go there but I have such a hard time because I worry that she will react again, I wanted to wait until more time passes. Now, I do have success with soy in products like soy lechithin and soy shortening etc... so perhaps I should try it, this is why I was contemplating trying the whytes darifree product that is made from potatoes, it seems more comforting to me but I have no idea how it rates as far as calcium goes. That's incredible how much more calcium soybeans have than kidney beans and here I thought I was preparing a calcium rich meal when I served chili.

Well back to the liquid calcium for now, while I muster up enough nerve to try the soy milk.

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By mom2two on Thu, 05-03-01, 18:46

I don't know if they have Tropicana Orange Juice with Calcium in Canada but here in the U.S. its made with calcium citrate malate, not calcium lactate. Maybe you could try that? I also think its important to make sure to get enough vitamin D supplementation as well. I give my kids vitamins with that.

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By Going Nuts on Fri, 05-04-01, 13:27

Avoid calcium supplements from oyster shells - many of them have been found to contain high levels of lead.

Look for Calcium Citrate - it is highly absorbable.


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By PeanutTrace on Fri, 05-04-01, 20:09

Thankyou, calcium citrate seems to be the thing to look for in orange juice. I'm not sure whether we have tropicana here but I will definitely be looking for it. It was McCain fortified orange juice or Minute Maid that had the calcium lactate here in Canada.

Good info. on the oyster calcium too, thank you, I didn't like the sound of that one anyways.

So what is calcium citrate anyways? Do you know what the source is?

Also, mom2two, what vitamins do you give your child. Is your son or daughter allergic to milk? I have a hard time finding a muli-vitamin that she can have too?

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By Beth on Sat, 05-05-01, 01:13

My daughter has outgrown her milk allergy, but for years she took Tums. Her doctor told us what dosage she needed at various ages. They are chewable and taste reasonably good, especially the berry flavor. They are calcium carbonate. She still takes them (when I remind her) because even though she can drink milk, she doesn't really like it.

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By mom2two on Sat, 05-05-01, 01:42

my daughter has a dairy allergy that she has, for the most part, outgrown but she will no way drink a glass of milk and she stills peels off the cheese from pizza (although she loves macaroni and cheese, ANYTHING with butter, and grilled cheese sandwiches)
Right now I am giving her flintstones vitamins, they have calcium in them. THe tums suggestion is a good one. I ate a lot of tums for calcium when i was pregnant (i don't like milk at all either!) I should still e eating them as I am nursing but I do get a lot of calcium thru the oj and cheese.
I will take a look at the lable on the flinstone vitamins to see if they are dairy free.

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By mom2two on Sat, 05-05-01, 01:44

oops, meant to say the flinstone vitamins have vitamin d in them. THey do make some with calcium also, not sure what type of calcium but they have some sort of artificial sweetner in them that I would just as soon avoid (for her that is, I eat a ton of that stuff!!).

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By PeanutTrace on Sun, 05-06-01, 18:10

Thanks for the ideas! Are tums totally milk, egg and nut free? I remember looking at them long ago and thought there was something that was stopping me from trying them.

Also, thought the flintstone vitamins were no good, hmmm, time to re-check them out!

Thanks for the ideas!

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By Beth on Mon, 05-07-01, 19:19

The only thing I see on the Tums label I have is "artificial flavors". They have a web site listed, [url="http://www.tums.com"]www.tums.com[/url] maybe you can contact them with your concern.

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By tkiaml on Tue, 05-08-01, 19:22

Hi! My son takes the Flintstones Vitamins w/calcium and the doctor recommended calcium fortified orange juice. I also try to feed him non-allergic foods high in calcium-sometimes it works for a 2 yr. old/sometimes not!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] He will not drink the enriched soy milk in any form but will eat it on his oatmeal and in mashed potatoes. He has had only milk or dairy products once-accidently. One small sip of milk caused hives, mild wheezing, aggravated his eczema for the next couple of days and immediate vomiting. Hope this helps!

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By on Fri, 10-22-04, 15:28

Simply re-raising. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By mistey on Fri, 10-22-04, 16:04

I know this is going to sound crazy- but my ds, who will be 3 in December, still drinks soy formula. He actually prefers the taste to it than to the carton of soy-milk in the dairy section. I believe it has all the vitamins and minerals he needs. He sucks down at least 24 oz. of it a day [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
About the Flintstone's vitamins- I called them recently and they told me they could not gurantee that they would be safe for pa child.

Not offering any advise- just telling my story [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By jtolpin on Fri, 10-22-04, 16:11

Flinstone Vitamins

Caitlin's been taking them for yrs... No problems, AFAIK.

Caitlin 4-17-00 Allergic to Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Bananas, Grapes, Rye, Sesame, Beef, Garlic, Mustard, Onion, Peas and Avoiding Latex and all Nuts
Sara 2-13-98 NKA (Avoiding Nuts)
Meghan 2-28-03 NKA (Avoiding Nuts)

[b]* ENRICHED * [/b]

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By Just Looking on Fri, 10-22-04, 17:22

Fortified soy/rice milk, leafy greens, blackstrap molasses (kind of gross straight up, but you can mix it in stuff where a strong tasting sweetener won't be too obvious). Also, limit animal protein consumption - there is evidence that excess consumption of animal protein (meat and eggs) has more to do with bone loss than actual dietary calcium intake.

We're taught that cow milk is an essential food for all humans, but really, it's not. No adult or older child would think that drinking human breastmilk is essential for good health, so it doesn't make any sense that milk from another species is essential for health. It's just another food.

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By lalow on Fri, 10-22-04, 17:30

My son can't have dairy or soy so I give him fortified rice milk. He likes it he gets alot of calcium that way. I sneak brocolli into his food a few times a week and give him some fortified orange juice but it seems to agrivate his stomach.. I assumed it was too acidic. I worry more about his protein intake than calcium some days.

James 3yrs NKA
Ben 21 months PA,MA,SA

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By JaneeseB on Fri, 10-22-04, 20:08

My son has always drank Minute Maid Calcium fortified. I called the company on the calcium lactate and was told that it was from a non dairy source. Has anyone been told anything different recently?

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By JaneeseB on Fri, 10-22-04, 23:42

I called and checked on this and was assured that Minute Maid with Calcium does not contain any dairy. The calcium lactate is from lactic acid and lime. Lactic Acid is from sugar starch.

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By BS312 on Sat, 10-23-04, 02:00


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By mamakat21894 on Tue, 10-26-04, 03:41

there is a great bread by natures own called white/wheat. 2 slices has the equlivent to 1 8oz glass of milk. it also has a ton of fiber.

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By Carefulmom on Wed, 10-27-04, 01:53

The calcium does not get absorbed unless you have vitamin D with it. Dd drinks Silk soy milk---one cup has 30% of the daily adult requirment of calcium and vitamin D both. Tums stopped being recommended a few years ago because of the fact that it does not have the vitamin D. I agree about calcium lactate in fruit juice---I was also told it is not from dairy (in orange juice, apple juice, etc).

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By BS312 on Wed, 10-27-04, 14:24

DD takes her TUMS with a multivitamin containing 100% RDA for vitamin D.

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By erik on Thu, 10-28-04, 05:49

Many orange juices (ie: Tropicana) now come with a calcium enriched variety. Canned fish (ie: sardines, salmon) also give you calcium from the bones.

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By Sandy on Thu, 10-28-04, 14:47

we take Mega Cal with Vit D French Caramel Cream Soft Chews. They are toooo good.

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By Woolmer on Fri, 05-13-11, 07:17

Saw Palmetto Capsules - Saw Palmetto boosts the immune and endocrine systems and combats male and female infertility.

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