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Miami Beach/Ft. Lauderdale

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By Marian on Fri, 04-18-08, 04:14

We are traveling to Miami Beach/Ft. Lauderdale area in June. Does anyone have any experience with restaurants in this area?

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By Danielle on Fri, 04-18-08, 18:36

I believe it is called the Raleigh Hotel in Miami that has a chef with a child that has food allergies so an article was written on him that he is very good with cooking for people with food allergies. The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Florida is also good. I will double check my info tonight on the name of the hotel.

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By Marian on Sun, 04-20-08, 16:36

Thanks, Danielle!
I will look up those hotels. If you can think of any more restaurants, let me know. We are taking 3 trips to southern Florida in July.

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By Danielle on Mon, 04-21-08, 23:42

It is the Raleigh Hotel, South Beach Miami. I reread the article.
I also found a huge list but haven't gone through it yet at [url="http://mycompass.ca/feature.allergic.html"]http://mycompass.ca/feature.allergic.html[/url] This is titled Allergy friendly Cities:
A Summer Glance by Iliona Kauremszky

Over the past year, I have googled allergy friendly restaurants, peanut free bakery, gluten free restaurants etc and have found some info. I

The blog by allergicgirl has some good info on restaurants too.

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By SkyMom on Tue, 04-22-08, 00:07

As the previous poster (pp) has said the allergic girl blog has many things such as restaurants, events, allergy friendly businesses etc. Sorry to interrupt the topic but thought I would add the link.


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By stimpsjd on Mon, 06-09-08, 17:05

I have traveled to Miami a couple of times. The biggest issue is probably language...there are lots of native Spanish speakers in the area and many do not speak English. This is a problem more in the smaller restaurants than larger ones.

I highly recommend Spiga on A1A in Miami, great Italian food and you can eat the bread as of the last time I was there...

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