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Metro Detroit Food Allergy Specialty Clinic

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By CMayer on Sat, 01-19-08, 02:41

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chad Mayer I am an Allergist/Immunologist and I was trained by a well know food allergy specialist (Sami Bahna, MD). My medical assistant Carol (vice president of legislative affairs for AAFA-MI) and I have started a food allergy specialty clinic in the Metro Detroit area.

Comprehensive Food Allergy Clinic of Michigan


Chad Mayer, DO, FAAP

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By Boots on Sun, 01-20-08, 20:40

Oh wow, hmmm..he have any ties to Shreveport Louisiana?

My daughters specialist is Dr Bahna, and I could almost swear the 1st name is Sami but I am not sure. He is awesome by the way!!

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By CMayer on Wed, 01-23-08, 00:31

I trained under Dr. Bahna in Shreveport 2004-2006

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By Boots on Sun, 02-03-08, 05:13

Small world! He is the 1st allergist I have come across who will actually sit and talk with us about any concerns we have. He has helped us through so much!!

All others run in check throat and listen to chest. They also tell me to continue whatever I am doing medicine wise. After that they have their hands on the door ready to escape!

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By Jodi on Wed, 02-27-08, 16:33

I have a 10-year old peanut allergic son. We live in the Flint, Michigan area. My son's current allergist is Dr. Anai at Asthma, Allergy and Immunology in Flint. We found out about his allergy at 18 months after a reaction caused by a peanutbutter cookie. This reaction caused facial swelling and difficulty breathing, however, was brought under control with benadryl.
The only other reaction he has had since then (which we believe were caused by peanuts) were hives on his face (Benadryl again took care of it).

Anyway, he has only had skin testing done for this allergy. Both of the allergists he has seen said that a RAST is not necessary. He hasn't had the skin test done since he was 5.

I was wondering if your clinic would take a different approach on allergy testing than what his allergists have done? We pretty much just visit his allergist once a year to get his epi-pens renewed. They do not recommend re-testing him either.

I was very impressed with your website in that it addressed the trials and research going on. His current allergist just says that he will let us know when something becomes available and kinda scoots us out the door.

I'd consider moving him to your practice if I felt there would be a benefit to doing such. Any thoughts?? Maybe this is more than what can be covered on the discussion boards.... just let me know. Thanks!

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By LMJ on Tue, 05-15-12, 00:59

My child has been seeing Dr. Mayer for a few years. He finally turned 5 last year and has started OIT (oral immuntheropy) for peanuts. He is doing well and now eating 2 peanuts every morning and night (and climbing).

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