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Memphis, TN support group

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By Faithfullyhis7 on Tue, 08-17-04, 21:36

Hi, Is there anyone here from Memphis, TN or in the surrounding area...Interested in starting a support group?

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By afanta on Tue, 02-26-13, 20:16

Hi, my name is Andrea. I live in Nashville but I'm working to bring food allergy families together from West Tennessee as well. Are you interested in working together? If so, please send me an email where I can send more info or email me [email protected]

the reason I'm trying to get people together is because there is a bill going through TN Legislature to encourage having auto injectors in schools. We want families who deal with food allergies to speak out in support of the bill.

Are you interested in helping? Please contact me!

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By kickert on Tue, 03-26-13, 22:28

Hi Andrea - I live in Franklin, TN - would be very interested in connecting with you about starting a networking group here. My daughter (13) has an extreme allergy to peanuts, we attended FAAN's Teen Summit in DC last year and I met so many great people that are part of a group in North Carolina, I would really like to have something like that near home....emai [email protected]

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