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Meijer semi-sweet chocolate chips

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By on Sat, 12-23-00, 21:27

My father-in-law is allergic to tree nuts but not peanut. He had a reaction (itchy throat I think) to cookies I baked with Meijer store brand semi-sweet chocolate chips. Also, there is no warning label on the bags.

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By punkinsmom on Wed, 12-27-00, 19:15

I contacted Meijer regarding store brand products acouple of weeks ago. A representative called back and told me that they were in the process of implementing warning labels but at this time could not guarantee that store brand products were nut free. You might want to stick to brands with labels when baking for him. Peggy

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By BeckyA on Tue, 01-02-01, 02:52

Hi, FYI I posted under labeling about Meijer chocolate chips, titled "Score One For Us..." They receive their chocolate from a wholesale chocolate company. Glad to know the labeling change is really underway.

No way would I buy these chocolate chips... but it's important for everyone who might to be able to read "may contain..." and know it is a risk rather than assuming they are safe because the label doesn't say anything. The chocolate chips from Vermont Nut Free are great!

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