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meds with benadryl in them

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By giester2 on Wed, 07-18-07, 14:01

As many of you know benadryl's other name is Diphenhydramine. Now when I have a reaction, Benadryl liquid is my preferred choice (works quickly), but there have been times that I didn't have it on me when I have had a reaction (I know stupid), and I needed to get something quickly.

The last time this happened the closest place that was open was a convience store, and they didn't have benadryl but they did have Tylenol PM, which just happens to contain 25mg of Diphenhydramine per pill. It saved me.

After that experience I thought it would be a good idea to find out what other OTC meds had Diphenhydramine, just in case. Below is list that I got off several medical sites on the internet of meds that contain Diphenhydramine :

Alka-Seltzer PM
Bayer PM
Doan's PM
Excedrin PM
Legatrin PM
Simply Sleep
Sudafed (they say it has it but I am not sure)
Tylenol Allergy
Tylenol PM
Tylenol Flu Nighttime Relief

Please only use these meds as a last resort (your in small town late at night, travelling, camping out), and always read the ingredients to verify it does contain Dihenhydramine

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By Adele on Wed, 07-18-07, 14:20

Thanks for the information! Before I knew I was PA, I would take Tylenol PM when I travelled. I would also eat more things with peanuts when I was travelling - so the Tylenol PM probably prevented a reaction a time or two without me knowing it.

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By Jana R on Wed, 07-18-07, 16:10

Great list! Here's what my son carries for an easy dose of diphenhydramine:

TheraFlu Thin Strips Multi symptom



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By Corvallis Mom on Wed, 07-18-07, 20:57

Triaminic Thin Strips: Cough and Runny Nose contain 12.5 mg diphenhydramine each.

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