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MedicAlert\'s # 1-800-432-5378

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By 4abby on Tue, 02-16-99, 15:48

MedicAlert's telephone # is 1-800-432-5378

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By on Tue, 02-16-99, 17:49

Thanks Mary! I will keep it with my records.

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By Luke's Mom on Wed, 02-17-99, 20:13

Thanks for the phone number, I called and joined Medic Alert and ordered a bracelet for my 2 1/2 year old son. Wish me luck on getting him to keep it on - ha ha.

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By nutfreegourmet on Thu, 02-18-99, 03:13

i have been unable to get my 2 year old to keep the medic alert bracelet on. He pulls and tugs at it so much that I know it will break. Any tips on how to get the child to wear it?

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By on Thu, 02-18-99, 03:38

When my son first received his Medic Alert Bracelet, he too tugged and pulled on it and had actually pulled it off a few times...we usually found it in the car since that is where he had more time to fool with it. My husband wears a "golf bracelet" and my son thought that was cool and also we told him that all the "Jacksonville Jaguars" Football Players wore one and he wanted to be like them so he has kept it on ever since. (Just a little white lie)!

My suggestion is try and find some type of "connection" your child can associate with to help keep the bracelet on. (The older they get the easier it is). I also ordered one for myself for my Hypoglycemia just so my son wouldn't feel like he was standing out and now we have matching bracelets.

Good luck!

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By on Wed, 03-03-99, 23:29

You can also find out more about MedicAlert at their web site:


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By scott on Wed, 03-03-99, 23:53

My son was not at all happy at first about his bracelet but after my husband and I did the following things he was willing to wear the bracelet:

We bought him the sports model rather than the chain. As his wrist was smaller than the smallest size I had to take it to my shoe repair technician and have him cut and sew it so that it fit.

We alerted everyone we knew that he was wearing it now and asked them to ask to see it and to praise him for having it. He liked being the centre of attention at church, in the neighbourhood, at daycare, at swimming lessons etc.

We re-read "No Nuts for Me" and emphasized that now he was a big boy just like the boy in the story and he must wear his bracelet too. We told him that it never comes off, not for bed, bath, swimming, etc. and that way we hoped to avoid a daily battle to get it back on him.

We were lucky and have had few complaints from him.

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By aaronboczkowski on Sat, 03-27-99, 11:04

It can also be helpful for wee folk if the rest of their family get new bracelets (just regular i.d. type bracelets) and the whole family is wearing there wonderful new bracelet. In our home my son is always wanting to be like his dad (as the rest of us are females I suppose). If his Dad does it, he likes to do it too. It is also helpful at this age to wrap it up with a big bow and make it a wonderful special treat to be allowed to wear such a bracelet (ie. Now you're big enough to wear a bracelet like Mommy's).

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By ballet1 on Wed, 05-30-01, 14:15

MedicAlert's new telephone # is (888) 633 4298


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By ballet1 on Wed, 05-30-01, 14:19

Because of a generous donation by the Food Allergy
Initiative, a New York based nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a
cure to severe food allergies. MedicAlert* is prepared to offer our
emergency medical information service to a child who meets the following

The child must have a food allergy.

The child must come from a low income household.

The parent or guardian must submit a signed letter on
letterhead from a Physician, or school nurse,
naming the child and briefly explaining their condition.
The letter must state that they believe the family
is unable to afford a MedicAlert* Membership.

If you have a child, or know of a child who would fall under those
particular qualifications, please fax the letter from the physician or
school nurse to (209)669-4020, at your earliest convenience to the attention
of FAI Sponsored Membership
c/o Melody Howard. Please include your phone number so that I may contact
you to complete the information. If there are further questions, please do
not hesitate to call or email me directly. The toll free number where you
can reach me is
1-800-863-3423. My email address is [email][email protected][/email].

I look forward to working with you to provide protection to your
child. Providing MedicAlert* protection to a child with a food allergy is
one of the best things that you can do for them.

You can visit our website for more information about the MedicAlert*
program at [url="http://WWW.MedicAlert.org"]WWW.MedicAlert.org[/url]

Melody Howard
Lead Marketing Representative
MedicAlert* Foundation

NOTE: Grant only for those in the USA


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By telcemet on Wed, 05-30-01, 18:20

The day I ordered my sons medicalert bracelet I told him about it and how fun it is to wear it, that it says hes allergic to peanuts etc etc....I guess I went overboard because the day it arrived my 5 year old son sobbed that he wished he was allergic to something so he could have 1 just like Nick's.

I explained we would get him a bracelet but it wouldn't be just lilke Nick's but it would have his name and telephone number on it.

Neither child has asked to take his off since the day I put them on. Luke's is really showing signs of wear. Kim

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By MarleneD on Wed, 05-30-01, 22:22

Just bringing important topics up!


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By ryan's mom on Wed, 05-30-01, 22:26

right behind ya!

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