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mcdonalds fresh baked cookies

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By caryn on Fri, 01-26-07, 16:59

according to the website -- these cookies would be safe for peanut allergens -- NOT labeled as a may contain or anything -- however when you purchase them the small bag says - "cookies may have been exposed to peanut dust"

i just called mcdonalds and shared this discrepency with them and its potential danger.

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By Kathy L. on Fri, 01-26-07, 17:11

I was wondering about these too. I went to the drive-thru the other day (my non-pa daughter was home sick & craved a milkshake) and was offered fresh-baked choc. chip cookies, which I was surprised about and declined; the girl seemed surprised. Maybe it was my "oh no, not another one" attitude.

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By MommaBear on Fri, 01-26-07, 17:36


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By krc on Fri, 01-26-07, 17:39

I've never seen these before.

Could someone clarify for me? Are these baked at the mcd's? or "fresh baked" somewhere else and sent to mcd's prepackaged?

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By caryn on Fri, 01-26-07, 17:53

All I know is that they are advertised as fresh baked -- they come in a slide in white paper bag -- sort of like the small fry bag -- so they are NOT wrapped -- have no idea if they are made at mcdonalds or just baked at mcdonalds.....

they are called chocolate chip cookie -- on the website and are 3 for 1$ they are a good size cookie and there is an oatmeal one also.

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By josh'smom on Fri, 01-26-07, 18:06

They don't have these near me. I hope they do not get them. Where do they cook these? Do you think in the same place or pan as the biscuits?

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By krc on Fri, 01-26-07, 18:44

So on the small fry bag is where it is printed that it may have come in contact w/ peanut dust as caryn stated?

I'll have to find out more about this. We rarely eat there but consider it safe on occasion. (Especially currently because my 2 youngest loved the Littlest Pet Shop toys)
If they are actually baking unsafe cookies in the store, I'll have to reconsider the risks.

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By Kathy L. on Sat, 01-27-07, 00:42


The cookies I saw weren't in a white slider type bag (as in the picture), they were in a flattened box, with pictures of cookies on them. Maybe it's regional? The girl at the drive-through said they were new. I wonder if they were the same ones Momma Bear was talking about, just finally mass marketed? Or is it now that Dunkin Donuts has cookies, McD's has to follow the "trend?"

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By McCobbre on Sat, 01-27-07, 03:30

We've had these for a few months. I get the pineapple empanada, the apple pie, and lately the plain McFlurry. But I'd never think about getting this cookie. I don't do cookies that we haven't made or are made by Divvies or anoother p-free place.

Labeling or not, I wouldn't trust these to be safe. Probably just me, but I don't trust labeling if it involves chocolate--in general.

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By Edinview on Fri, 02-02-07, 23:01

I talked to a manager in a local McD's today, Minneapolis area. She said that only the owner operated restaurants are doing the fresh baked cookies.

Looks like another email campaign to McDonald's website to petition against the baking in the other restaurants!

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By AuntAmanda on Fri, 02-02-07, 23:54

I THINK I've seen these - but I'll be on the lookout now out of curousity. However, if these suckers aren't sealed or something of the like, isn't there the possibilty that the employees (who are handling the peanut oil fries - yes?) will cross contaminate? This might be a stupid question and I might be 100% off - so please correct me if I am. Just wondering.

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By HJK on Fri, 03-23-07, 17:33

With all this in mind would you still eat McDonald's? Restaurants are still not in my comfort zone, however, I had been considering McDonald's until I saw all the potential for cross contamination...any thoughts?

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By lj on Fri, 03-23-07, 18:24

We do use McDonald's occasionally.

Are the ones in your area using peanut oil for the fries like a poster mentioned above? I don't believe ours are unless something recently changed.

Pls let me know.

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By caryn on Fri, 03-23-07, 18:37

the mcdonalds in our area does not use peanut oil and since the cookies have no actual peanuts we are not worried about cross contamination -- i did watch them serve them the other day and they used tongs which was nice - not gloves which they would use to touch other stuff.

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By seassons on Thu, 04-26-12, 20:59

I didn't realize this was the cookie I was getting. 2/$1.00. Thought they were the kids boxes of cookies. They taste great and so far son is fine.

I stopped inside to check with the register guy... he checked with his super and she said they were peanut free.

There is no notation that there maybe cross contamination anywhere on the packaging.

We have also gotten ice-cream there many times and have had no issues. I just wish they would have notated that they were different cookies I would never had tried them in-front of my son.

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