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Mayfield Turtle Tracks Icecream May 2007

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By Daisy on Thu, 05-10-07, 01:04

[i]for those of you down South[/i]
Published on: 05/09/07

Mayfield Dairy Farms has announced the recall of 7,000 cartons of Turtle Tracks Ice Cream because of the accidental use of peanuts.

Bridgett Raper, a company spokeswoman, says a batch was mixed with chocolate-covered peanuts instead of pecans. And because the cartons are not labeled as including peanuts, consumers could have an allergic reaction.

Rapers says the company was alerted by a consumer complaint, but no one has gotten sick from the ice cream.

The product was distributed to retail locations in Tennessee, northwestern Georgia, northern Alabama and southeastern Kentucky.

The dairy believes it has most of the affected cartons, which have a 4/11/08 code. Consumers can take the cartons back to the store where it was sold or contact the dairy at 1-800-MAYFIELD for a replacement.

- The Associated Press

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