Mars Milky Way - possible peanuts

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By Jack C on Mon, 05-03-99, 23:49

My experience is that Mars' "new" Milky Way candy bar contains some quantity of peanuts or nuts, both of which I'm allergic to. I reacted mildly to the new standard (not dark) Milky Way bar. I never had a problem with the old Milky Way. The new label contains a peanut warning without actually stating peanuts as an ingredient.

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By BCouch on Sat, 05-22-99, 01:54

My son has a peanut allergy and has had the old Milky Way bars( he has not had one in months)....each time he had one he would gag and cough. I decided these were to be off limits even tho there was no indication of peanuts on the label. I then started to suspect the chocolate may be cross contaminated but there is no way to tell. We have since crossed all M&M Mars products off our list of acceptable foods. Good luck.

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