I did a search for Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs and the most recent post I could find was a forum post from 2004. Does anyone know if the Easter Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs are safe for those with peanut...
HI all, Toomanynuts told me about a BBQ sauce called Daddy Sam's.. I called on it today an I found out it is Peanut/Tree nut free . I spoke with Allison at Daddy sam's and she was very helpful.....
Has anyone used this type of macaroni before? i'm using the alphabet type macaroni and since it's the weekend i can't call and check if it's safe for peanut allergy. thanks, kathy ann
I spoke to Alex Plotkin/CEO-cofounder of Philly Swirl. This topic was raised yesterday I think, but I thought the subject title would get more attention. They haven't made a Swirlwich in weeks due to...
I found a few older posts but wanted to make a more up to date one. I came across SweetWorks Sixlets, made in Oaf Leaf, Canada. Says "MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY" and their website says this: "...
I saw a bag of Tootsie pops today- had to get them. I also saw Sixlets, the peanut-free Canadian kind. Bought TWO big bags. Then I saw the Junior Mints and Charleston Chews. I was in heaven. Now, I...
I called Popchips yesterday and was told that all varieties are made in a peanut/tree nut free facility.
Does anyone use this brand? I know some people use canola oil- is it safe? The company is in Mexico, so I really don't trust it, but my mom cooks with it CONSTANTLY and refuses to use another kind...
I was just in the shop where I always get a coffee when I'm downtown (and then stand outside in freezing cold to smoke filthy cigarette) and with their Macadamia Nut coffee, they actually had a BIG...
My 5 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a PA. She loves chocolate Nesquik her milk in the morning, but I cannot find any information regarding its safety. Does anyone know whether Nestle...
Two questions in one. 1. I didn't realize Tootsie roll made so many products. Do you allow your child to eat them all? I was recently told on the phone that there was "Absolutely nothing" made with...
I am new to the peanut free world. What do you buy for bread? Hamburger buns and hot dog buns?
Does anyone here use/trust Spartan brand? They seem to label pretty well- on a box of poptarts in my kitchen I saw "made in a facility that processes peanuts", on a box of pudding, "Contains no major...
McDonald's has released its new oatmeal to attract customers seeking a healthy breakfast, and the fast food giant promotes it as a “bowl full of wholesome.” Should you buy into the wellness hype, or...
I know many people would think having something in the house that looks like peanuts is a really bad idea, but... My dh is a huge peanut lover and now only eats them at work (yes, rinsing mouth and...
I bought a jar of this because there was no mention of nuts or peanuts at all in the ingredient list. Is this really how it is? I wish I could call the company to find out, but I can't find their...
I went to eat a bag of pop secret popcorn and decided I better check it out first on the internet. It is now made my Diamond Nut company. Threw the bag away but it sure does smell good in garbage,...
My 6 year old daughter ate a few Sweethearts candy and had an allergic reaction resulting with large hives on her torso and the back of her neck. We were fortunate that we were able to control her...
Has anyone with a sesame allergy ever had a problem with Quinoa? From what I understand it is a seed. Is anyone familiar with the Ancient Harvest Quinoa brand?
I had a reaction to Haagen Dazs, so I did some investigating. Neither they nor any of their affiliates label with cross-contamination warnings. The following companies are unsafe: Haagen Dazs...

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