i emailed trader joe's and found out that their English muffins are processed in a facility that does not handle any nuts/peanuts. whew!
I'm having a cookout for a large group of people in 2 days. I am making almost everything from scratch, but I am trying to avoid having to make the pulled pork from scratch...anyone know of a safe...
Axel was home sick yesterday and not thinking I gave him chicken broth as he was throwing up. Anyway it has hydrolyzed soy and corn protein. There is no mention of peanut( as far as I know he is only...
Just wanted to share my recent email with Bolthouse Farms, you have to start at the bottom to see the order the emails were sent: Tiffany, I’m sorry-yes the process is the same for our beverages and...
I searched the board for topics relating to Chips Ahoy but there was nothing recent, so I thought I'd raise the question. Nabisco has no warnings on its regular Chips Ahoy (NOT the minis, but the...
Went to BD's for the first time since diagnosed with peanut allergy. They have an allergy friendly policy listed on their menu. They serve peanut sauce as a choice so I was worried how I would work...
anyone get these? how bout the popsicles?
Anybody know about these? Our school is looking at using them in our lunch program. Thanks!
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Hi everyone, The other day I purchased a bag of Hershey's chocolate chips because I had heard from others online that they were possibly made in a nut-free facility. I called Hershey's and asked to...
Hi, My name is Anna. I recently found out that my 3 and a half year old son is severly allergic to peanuts. As I'm sure you all know, this has been extremely hard on both my husband and myself....
I wanted to get my 3yr old a shelf-stable cupcake to have at school for party time (severe peanut allergy) I called Hostess on this one box of their cupcakes, and was told that facility contained no...
I was under the impression that Blue Bell was safe, however I did call them today and I do not feel as safe with them. The rep (from TX) said there were no dedicated lines and she said that vanilla...
Has anyone been using a organic apple sauce? I found Earht's Best Kidz? (anyone called factory?) Santa Cruz Organic (they make peanut butter also but not sure if in other plant, have to call them...
just wondering which brands of cereal people are using. i have been using Cheerios; cinnamin and multigrain flavors, when i called General mills they said that if any of their products are produced...
Hi, my 18month old daughter was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy. Before the diagnosis I had plans of making her an ice cream addict (like myself) this summer. While in the grocery store today...
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My daughter had eaten teddy grahams a zillion times before, but this past weekend she had some of the regular flavor ones and had a terrible full body hives reaction requiring 4 days of prendisone....
Has anyone had a bad experience with a GNC product--specifically their Soy Baking Mix? My peanut allergic son tasted it yesterday while we were baking and he had a severe reaction which required an...

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