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Im looking for Organic Tomatoes and Potaoes in the South anyone know of a brand thats safe Thanks!!!
Does anyone know if this candy is safe for a person with PA.
I went through a ton of old and new posts yesterday and unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what I read without going through it all again. (Turning 41 stinks!) I believe there was some confusion...
We are Canadians travelling to the States in December and looking for a list of SAFE manufacturers. I was just informed that the States does not have a 'may contain law'. Is there somewhere I can...
Before Cayley's PA diagnosis, her favourite lunch was a bowl of "squiggly" noodles, made without the seasoning packet, to which I added a bunch of cooked vegetables. She's been pestering me lately...
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Hi All, Doing some baking and wondering if anyone knows of a safe baking chocolate? I've seen Baker's brand chocolate in stores but it's made by Kraft so I'm not sure about it. Thanks.
After reading about oils being used in the defoaming process (I NEVEr would have known that if it wasn't for thsi site!!! I contacted Shady Maple, and this is what I got for a reply: From: "xxxyyy...
Starting early for Halloween. Finally using a browser that allows me to search -- so of course the search I did gave me no answers. I read several threads that mention candy corn; none mentioned...
Anyone know if these are safe for PA? I have a jar of the Autumn Accents ones that I'd like to eb able to use.
My son's allergist said supposedly Hersheys has manufacturing facilities in Canada that are peanut-free and only produce the Hersheys products that are without nuts. He said some of his patients have...
As far as I know, I'm not allergic to anything. All my allergy testing came back normal. But to be safe (my aunt is pa), we're still planning on going to an allergist. I just don't know when yet. I'm...
My birthday is coming up and I'd like to make my family cupcakes. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to freeze some to have for when my son goes to birthday parties. He is 2 and has a...
Ok, now this is the second time I have heard something about these two things related. When I called on the spices, one company said "No we don't use tree nuts/peanuts in our facility." I asked about...
just got off the phone with a representative who assured me that their breaded fish products are free of peanut and sesame. yay!!
I just found out my children's school will be having a cookie dough fundraiser. Does anyone have any allergy information about this company?
The Blue Bunny has an option on their website to limiting products to nut-free products only. I have emailed them to clarify their definition of nut-free, but was wondering if anyone else had seen...
I came across this article from the Sacramento Bee about a California-based company that manufactures allergen-free chocolate. My hope is that by sharing information about these types of companies on...
We're wondering what brands of ice creams are safe for PA kids. We realize that many of you make your own ice cream but would greatly appreciate any responses for safe store-bought ice cream in the...
Has anyone had any experiences with the peanut free cupcakes mentioned in this article? If so, at what locations are they available? http://nut-freemom.blogspot.com/2010/03/nut-free-cupcakes-at-...
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