The Blue Bunny has an option on their website to limiting products to nut-free products only. I have emailed them to clarify their definition of nut-free, but was wondering if anyone else had seen...
I came across this article from the Sacramento Bee about a California-based company that manufactures allergen-free chocolate. My hope is that by sharing information about these types of companies on...
We're wondering what brands of ice creams are safe for PA kids. We realize that many of you make your own ice cream but would greatly appreciate any responses for safe store-bought ice cream in the...
Has anyone had any experiences with the peanut free cupcakes mentioned in this article? If so, at what locations are they available? http://nut-freemom.blogspot.com/2010/03/nut-free-cupcakes-at-...
I have been trying to find allergen information for Flintstones Vitamins and haven't had any luck. The 800# was closed for the day so I thought I would ask if anyone here has contacted Bayer...
I just got a box of frosted strawberry poptarts, and called in, to double check since I've never had the strawberry kind. The person went through the usual "if it's come into contact with X it will...
I found some individually wrapped cookie bar/brownie/sweet breads at Whole Foods last week that are made in a PN/TN free facility, so I thought I'd share. The brand is Treasure Mills & the...
Do any of you purchase them? I am very happy with their labeling (I prefer one over the other, but I honestly can't remember which right now). I was so glad to see an almond alert on not one, but...
Hi everyone, I heard rumors but wasn't sure what to make of them but then today I found this: http://www.dovechocolate.com/aboutDove/AllergenFreeFacilities
I called the manufacturer of this bread, and the representative told me that none of their products contain any nut ingredients! I was really excited to learn this as my daughter likes their rolls...
I did a search, and most of the results seemed quite old (I think I saw one or two from 2010). I recently bought a chocolate fudge cake by them, and read the label and was satisfied. It says it...
You will find hundreds of small food recalls each month. These recalls are headed by, however not required by, the FDA. The federal government's funding of the FDA is not typically considered during...
Discouraging!! Walmart brand baking soda & shredded cheeses are not safe for PA and TNA. Now when a relative says their cookies are"safe" I have to check to see what brand of baking supplies...
An e-mail regarding r Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps® I just found these and love them. I've only eaten the deli original ones. But someone brought home a bag of the Garlic Parmesean ones, and after a...
Anyone ever emailed for information about shared lines from Popsicle Brand ice pops? My DS has eaten them and never had a problem but I'd like to try their Fudgsicles as well. Thanks!
This has probably been asked before but are there any decent tasting fake peanut butters? I tried the wow butter made from soy, and I spit it out. Didn't work for me. Has any one tried the sun...
A month or so ago, some of us were e-mailing Procter & Gamble about their ludicrous policy about having to submit a doctor's letter to get ingredient information from them. I chose Oil of Olay...
Hi everyone, Correct me if I'm wrong, but from reading several posts on this forum it seems that there is a consensus that Hershey's Chocolate Chips are safe; your thoughts??
My recent email back from Hormel ham: Mrs Wilkerson, Thank you for contacting us about HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® Honey Ham. No nuts in the facility where this product is produced. Shelly Consumer...
I have contacted The Jel Sert Company via email, and they sent me their phone#, so I plan to call them. Has anyone used their products before or have you ever contacted them?? [url="http://www....

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